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Improve Your Blog’s Traffic With The Use of Web Design


Blog is a multipurpose platform used for portraying various feelings. For some people it’s a very good means of expressing their views and feelings, for others it is meant to provide the latest news and reviews. For many it is a very good marketing channel. There are millions of blogs all over the internet with each one of it depicting a unique story. People who have their personal blogs feel proud about it and want to make as attractive as possible. The blogs which attain a high rank in Google search also prove to be a good platform for advertising products and websites. The popular blog hosts provide a pre made design which can be used as the theme of the blog according to the subject of the blog.

Improve Your Blog's Traffic With The Use of Web Design

There are some people who design their own blog host and add posts in it. With some few basic tips a simple blog can appear to be very beautiful and can attract users to visit it. Here are few basic tips:

Customize your Blog’s Banner

The very first thing that comes in the view of a website or a blog is the banner. An attractive banner can alone play a major role in attracting the visitors. Usually the blog host on which the blog is made provides some generic design banners, if possible it can be taken under ones control and gives it some beautiful graphics. It can also get done by some professional who is a designing expert and can develop a beautiful banner for your blog at a very nominal cost. It will look professional and the blog will also attract visitors.

Use of multimedia, audio clips and snaps

Most of the blogs made online are personal and contains personal views and reviews unless it is some professional blog. The blog is totally personal and you are free to do all sorts of experiments with it. Try to use some graphics in between the text and make it attractive. Add a picture, add a border, and add videos, no one to stop. You might end doing something very unusual and attractive. Adding images and videos to your blog posts will attract the users and compel them to stay on it till they are contended. Audio clips also fall under this category and have the capacity to make the weblog quite popular.

Add a Favicon with the address bar

Most of the people think that the sites which place their icon before the sites’ URL look attractive. It is a fact and many people actually do that. These are the favicon placed by the blog or website owner and make the web address look professional. Anyone using certain computer softwares can do it with little bit of editing. Have a look at various other blogs which are using it and take the idea via them. It will be found that many website come with free blog templates which have super layout, design cases and background.

Activate RSS feed

Avery important feature if you want to your blog readers updated with whatever you add in your blog. It’s very simple and mostly available with the bloghost that provides platform for adding your blog.

Make your weblog popular with the use of simple web design concepts and increase its traffic.

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