In-Flight Entertainment on a Netbook Revealed


In-Flight Entertainment on a Netbook

People who travel a lot often find that life is nothing but a blur of one airport to the next. Sure, we have our computers with us; you wouldn’t travel without a toothbrush now would you? The portable netbook is part of the packing list for most people in this age of technological wonders. The question that is being addressed in this article is how to get the most in-flight entertainment on a netbook. Makes for an interesting read!

When you are shuttling between countries and airports with only your netbook for company, life can be tough! Find out how you can get in-flight entertainment on a netbook. Then you can enjoy some down time rather than plugging away at work all the time. If you’re wondering why you need to do anything about in-flight entertainment, wonder no more. The in-flight entertainment provided though a good selection is always limited to what the provider thinks you need to watch or the times you need to play. Think how much more fun it would be if you loaded up your netbook with movies you actually want to watch or a favorite game you want to play!

Well, let’s find out how you can get in-flight entertainment on netbook. To do so, you need to first understand the features of your netbook. Given the way personal computing has evolved over the years, the netbook it would appear has emerged as the most multipurpose PC option available. The netbook computer offers excellent processing power in a very small package.

The features of a netbook include portability, wireless option and power efficiency. In terms of portability not much of an explanation is needed. Just pick up your netbook and go! The wireless option allows you to go totally unplugged with the help of a rechargeable battery. For power efficiency you have several power saving features.

With internet TV streaming freely available there are plenty of shows you can watch both current and classic. Since you will not always be online you can always use a media center like Windows 7 media center to record over the air shows. When you plug in the USB tuner, the media center recognizes it and you are connected with Dolby Digital decoding to boot. Then you need to configure the local TV guide to catch and record over the air high definition shows. You can easily do this in your hotel room – while you catch some sleep, your netbook records the shows you want to watch next time you’re in the air.

Get yourself a good set of headphones, not the earbud ones, but noise cancelling headphones that are comfortable for long time use. You can get a really good set of headphones from an audio specialty store.

Wait, that’s not all about the in-flight entertainment on netbook. When you get tired of watching videos you can always play games. Plenty of sites offering games optimized for Windows 7, XP and Vista not to mention the freeware games available that will work on a netbook.

Sky’s the limit on your handy netbook so the next time you travel – be prepared to have some fun!

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