Increase Efficiency In Mobile Network Technology


Inefficient mobile networks have problems with dropped calls, slow download times, and lost customers. To reduce operating cost, real-time management of mobile networks needs to be automated and self-optimizing. Factors leading to efficient service delivery and increased business growth include service delivery platforms, software packages, and backhaul capacities. Efficiency of scale is necessary to stay ahead in the competitive mobile network technology field.

Use Cases

A basic list of use cases for optimization to increase efficiency includes:

  • OSS Integration
  • Handover Optimization
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • QoS Optimization
  • Energy Savings
  • Interaction with home and macro BTS
  • Load Balancing
  • Cell Outage Compensation
  • Automatic Neighbor Relationships
  • Minimization of Drive Tests

Basic Efficiency

Mobile network efficiency occurs because of system optimization through planning and resource management. Providing the most advanced tools to optimize the mobile network components is critical for continued efficiency. Air interface capabilities that combine seamlessly with core networks provide greater self-repair. Self-optimizing software reduces the time lag that occurs with manual processing of complex data and increases economies of scale.

Data Use

Managing the exploding demand for greater bandwidth by users is a key component of self-optimizing network technology. The necessary rapid deployment of data through multi-technologies, including Wi-Fi and 4G, leads to the inability of non-automated systems to keep up. Quality software and optimal deployment increase efficiency in mobile systems.

Neural Network Utilization

Newer algorithms create self-optimizing programs to achieve efficient frequency allocation rates. Known as hierarchical genetic algorithms they learn through searching techniques how to optimize the neural networks. Artificial neural networks applied to channel assignment dilemmas find the local optimal value and increase efficiency in resource allocation and parameter optimization.

Mobile Cloud Services

The inclusion of mobile cloud services (as well as network performance optimization) increases the efficiency of network distribution and reduces costs of bit transportation. An integrated packet and optical approach to provide service transport and delivery offers expansion of bandwidth with less cabling between network elements. Advanced mobile packet core systems provide a common platform with multi-network functions. Traffic management and quality of service policies have better enforcement and are self-optimized with cloud use. The deployment of backhaul capacity is reduced with applied packet core platforms.

Wireless Backhaul

Increasing the network backhaul capacity will increase speed and lower congestion at peak times. The benefits include packet data offload abilities for newer mobile networks and increased timing synchronization. An increase in scalability and cost savings in migrating from TDM to packet backhaul coupled with efficient delivery options for IP based services provide opportunities for increased revenue. Quality of service is enhanced with more efficient backhaul abilities due to smoother transitions of packets.

Introducing new systems and software is an ongoing process for mobile network system managers. The exploding market of wireless users and increased data application tool usage requires companies to be aggressive in managing resources to lower operating costs while increasing revenues. The use of self-optimizing technology is necessary to achieve the goal of lowering operating costs and increase functionality. Mobile cloud technology and newer software applications for deployment and management increase opportunities for expansion of services and data allowances for customers.

This article was written by Jet Russell. Jet is an avid online blogger and has been featured on hundreds of different blogs across the web. In his spare time he likes to write articles on anything that ranges from mobile network optimization to search engine optimization.

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