Increase the Life of Your Mobile Phone Battery


Do you rely a lot on your mobile phone and consider it more of a lifeline rather than just something that you would need to communicate on an everyday basis? Have you ever wished that your mobile phone’s battery did not run out as often as it does? There is a possibility that your battery will have a longer life.  You just need to carry on reading and take our tips to heart.

Get the Most from Your Mobile Phone Battery

  • Avoid the Memory Effect

Make sure that you charge the battery fully and then discharging it fully at least once every two to three weeks. Do this with all rechargeable batteries except Li-Ion batteries which do not have the memory effect.  Do not every leave batteries inactive for quite a long time. Make sure that you use the proper battery charger made by the manufacturer of your mobile phone.  This can ensure that your battery will have a long life. Make it a point that you try to overcharge your battery once in a while.

  • Keep Batteries Clean at All Times

Use a cotton swab with a little alcohol to clean dirty battery contacts. This will ensure that the battery will have a good connection with the device and the charger at all times. Do not every put your mobile phone next to an extreme source of heat or cold as this may have dire effects on the battery. Make it a point to just put the battery or the mobile phone in a place where there is room temperature at all times. If you do not need the vibrate mode of your mobile phone, turn it off. This uses up a lot of the battery life so just switch to ring tone mode or silent mode.

  • Store Your Battery Properly

If you do not intend to use the batter for a month or more, take out the battery from the mobile phone unit and store it in a clean, cool and dry place.  Make sure it is far from metal and other heat producing objects.  If you want to reuse the batteries, recharge them fully before use.  You have to note that no matter how much you take care of the battery, its performance will diminish over time.  Just try to replace your battery when this happens as it is not necessary to sell your phone.


  • Nickel metal hydride
  • High energy density which is two times the capacity of NiCad
  • Increased run time
  • Battery’s performance diminishes because of frequent recharging
  • Eco friendly because there are not a lot of metals in it
  • Less maintenance

Li-Ion and Lithium Polymer

  • Lithium ion
  • Similar energy level as NiMH but weighs 20-35% less
  • Higher run time at lesser weight which is preferable in phones, cameras and other similar devices
  • Frequent recharging is okay without diminishing performance
  • Eco friendly due to absence of mercury, cadmium and other toxic metals
  • Little or no maintenance at all

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