Infographic: Why Guest Blog?


Guest blogging, the art of creating content for the blog of a competitor in order to create a buzz around you and your blog, is a fantastic practice with many resulting benefits including exposure, link building and the pride that comes from earning new traffic with quality writing.

1. Expose Your Name

Your name and the name of your blog are the two things that people will forever associate most closely with the content you produce and successful guest blogging will have those names resonating with your readers, prompting them to make a point to surf your way when searching for quality content in the future. Depending on the traffic of the blog you are guest posting for, this can result in thousands of new, targeted readers!

2. SEO

A guest blog post means an instant link back to your blog. It may be only a single backlink but it will exist on a highly-related and high-quality website, leading not only to traffic in the short term but also search engine benefits to bring even more visitors in the long term. The only thing Google likes more than an average backlink is a highly relevant backlink!

3. Redemption!

Pouring your heart and your mind into what you write and having only a few readers can be disheartening; allow your increased traffic and sudden exposure to redeem your work, giving you a boost in motivation and taking you on a downhill journey in your future work towards readership-building.

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Why Guest Blog

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