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Is Drupal Right For You?


If you are embarking on creating a website, there are many options that lie before you. One of the decisions that you have to make is which content management system (cms) to use. You are also likely to come across Drupal as an option for your cms. Drupal can be a fantastic solution, but it depends on many factors. The following will explain some of the factors you should evaluate when making you decision.

Is Drupal Right For You

Drupal is used by some of the biggest and most recognizable names on earth. These include BBC, Warner Bros, , Greenpeace, the White House and many other governments. The reason why Drupal is so well trusted is because it is extremely robust, modular and flexible. It is also very strong when it comes to security and is very SEO compliant.

One the other hand, Drupal does have its disadvantages. Its complexity means that it can be challenging to develop for those who are not from a technical background. Another disadvantage is that there are few attractive Drupal themes available. Furthermore, Drupal’s installation starts with fairly basic functionality, so to create something a workable solution, it can take a lot of work. This is the cost of having such a flexible framework.

In making your decision about if Drupal is for you, you should lean towards it if your circumstance has particular requirements.  Drupal is great if you require unique functionality or unique content types. If you need your website to have the flexibility to take another path, to integrate with other applications or has some complexity involved then Drupal would definitely be a strong consideration. Drupal is worthwhile considering if your website has robust and flexible requirements and has needs beyond the standard functional website.

However, it would make sense to use other platforms in certain circumstances. If you simply require a basic blog, then WordPress would likely be a better solution. If your website is a large website with standard functionality without a blog, then Joomla may suit you better. The fact that Drupal is a trusted platform means that it should be taken into consideration when looking into cms systems.

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