Is It Time For Your Business To Update Its Website?


Websites have become far more complex. As the world shifts toward a mobile and digital age, the way customers are interacting with technology is also changing and people are now demanding more. In an age of immediate gratification, the experience your customers have on your website can be the difference between losing sales and watching your business skyrocket. Now, development firms, such as Soliant Consulting, are helping companies update their websites in a way that will encourage more sales.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider web development for your company to help transform your website and start generating more sales.

  • Make purchases easy – Sounds obvious, right? Still, many websites that have not been updated in some time do not have the latest technology and making a purchase can sometimes be burdensome. Your customers should be able to point to what they want, and click to check out. Creating a simple shopping cart experience online gives them less time to back away from a sale and more incentive to purchase your products. If a sale is too difficult to make, as is often the case on outdated websites, people are more likely to abandon their shopping cart.
  • Pay attention to the backend – It’s not just what the customer sees that matters, but it is also how they experience your website. Constant updates are important to keep your site current. When this is difficult to do in the backend, the frontend of your website suffers because your customers do not get the latest information. Making the backend database easier to manage for all employees in your company gives you more of an opportunity to make essential updates and keep your website as a strong sales platform.
  • Design matters – When a customer arrives on your site, you have approximately eight seconds to make a first impression, according to market studies. This first impression could be the difference between a purchase and a loss of sales. Your home page or any landing pages you design work in the same way as a brick-and-mortar store. From the minute your customers walk through your door, or click to open your website, they are met with an immediate representation of who your business is and the culture behind your brand. If your website is outdated, they will think your business and product or service is, too. If your website looks fresh and current, you will send the signal to your prospective customers that you are innovative and leading edge.

Sales are the lifeline for businesses to operate and thrive. Without a strong website design, your business could be losing valuable dollars. Work with a company that knows how to do design and development to give your business a boost online.

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