Is There Anything Smart Phones Can’t Help You With? Stimulate Audience Participation Using Technology


When you are organizing for a conference, it would be a good idea to ensure that you engage the audience as much as possible. This will make sure that they remain attentive and potentially provide some solutions and insights to some of the arguments put before them. You could begin by engaging the audience in the room. One thing you could do is provide some form of voting ability. There are various options for mobile apps that allow voting during live events. You should make sure that you find someone who can offer you the best service.

If you are having the conference televised live, you could provide a link to an application downloadable for use on the show. This could be beneficial for you especially when it comes to polling by mobile phone. When used with a smartphone, the results can be displayed immediately and in real time. You need to ensure that you can review the text message and moderate it through software meant for that kind of job.

The information shared from any part of the world can be in such a way that people are able to ask direct questions to the panelists. This is to speed up the answers and enhance the purpose of the show. With an audience response system, you will be able to have live polling as well as voting. This is especially important to game-like conferences as well as political debates. It always pays to ensure that the audience is involved in asking the questions as well as making the verdict.
You can also keep the audience engaged by providing quizzes. You will be able to have a successful event with the speakers and content-evaluating happening concurrently and instantaneously. It is more boring for the conference if what you only have is a microphone standing somewhere and another circulating through the audience. You could provide the audience with the new technology pads or smartphones to provide instant access to content review and engagement.

The major benefit to this is to know where the conference is headed. Is there a possibility of having direct response and suggestions? How will you involve the audience to provide solutions and recommendations? The best benefit of this is using the audience to argue out the case and come up with the best solution. It is also possible that the moderator will be able to set and regulate the pace of the presentation. You will also get important feedback when you have software specialized for the conference. This is much better than relying on papers that are cumbersome, slower and cannot be segmented in terms of content. This makes having applications that can involve the massive conference audience much more plausible and practical. It ensures success in engagement and quick solutions as well as concentration.

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