Kinect: Microsoft’s Secret Weapon


This Black Friday, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 remained at the top of the charts, totaling in almost one million sales in a 24-hour period, after 960,000 sold in the week leading up to it. While the Xbox has been the number one video game console in the nation for the past ten months, Microsoft’s big week can also be attributed to Kinect: the new, controller-free sensor that is changing how you play games, watch TV, and listen to music. Microsoft sold over 750,000 Kinect sensors, both individually and bundled with the Xbox 360.

Excitement around the Kinect has grown as more and more games are released. Microsoft now offers around 75 titles – four times more than this time last year. Titles like Skyrim, Batman, Forza Motorsport, and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, are getting gamers all over the country geared up for this new, innovative way to play.

Gaming with the Kinect, completely controller-free, gives gamers a full body experience, with any video game from Gears of War 3 to Dance Central 2. The sensor recognizes users and accesses their Avatar, and responds to movements. So instead of sitting on the couch and feeling silly for jerking your remote control to the left as you fly your character around a corner, stand up and get in on the action! Kick when you need to, jump when you need to; your Kinect will recognize your movements and you’ll get a whole new, interactive, full-body video game experience.

While gamers are thrilled about this new, hands-free gaming option, those who don’t play video games can also appreciate and benefit from the Kinect. With this sensor, users can use simple voice commands to control HD movies. Once the Kinect registers the sound of your voice, simply saying “Xbox” will reveal a series of voice commands and users can control their TV shows and movies without so much as even picking up a remote control.

Not only can you use these voice commands to control TV shows and movies that you already have, but Kinect’s Voice Search with Bing makes your entertainment experience even easier. Simply say the name of a movie, show, or even specific episode, and Xbox will search every nook and cranny and show you every related search result. Your Xbox will do all the work for you – just tell it what you want, and it will do everything in its power to find it for you.

Microsoft has already teamed up with ESPN, HBO, Xfinity, Hulu, Verizon FiOS and Netflix, so Kinect with Xbox Live provides hours of endless, effortless entertainment. They also have a support phone number for the Xbox which you can call if you are having any problems with your hardware. Since Kinect was made by Microsoft they provide support for that as well.

Rounding out the Xbox 360’s seventh year, Microsoft is very pleased with the console’s progress and continued success. With innovative updates and additions like the new Social section and Kinect sensor, the Xbox 360 will surely remain at the top.

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