Kitchen Gadgets For The Summer


Its summer time! This means more and more kitchen parties and barbecues. So you are already scrambling to get the home clean and tidy but you want to impress your guests by having something different on display. So how about getting hold of one of the latest kitchen gadgets on the market, it is certainly going to start up a conversation. We have covered the web to find some of the latest designs and unique products available and this is some of our findings.

The Twister Ice Cream Scoop – By Oneida

Oneida have taken the ice cream scoop one step forward, it has a pointed edge so that you can dig in to the hardest of ice cream tubs whilst the design has been created to create a perfectly rounded scoop.

It retails for around $10 created in a heavy cast aluminium with a soft no slip handle.

Cuisipro Citrus Juicer

Fancy a freshly squeezed orange juice? Cuisipro have developed a new fancy looking juicer made ergonomically to get the most juice from your fruit. It is available in two different sizes and is already attached to a measuring cup, handy and less mess.

The Tri Blade Peeler from Prepara Trio

Take pealing potatoes and vegetable to the next stage with the Tri blade peeler. It has an ergonomic handle and surgical steel blades for a Sharpe but safe instrument.  It retails for around $15 and not only looks impressive is very simple to use.

Cook Stake like never before

The summer and the grill are partners, but you can speed up the grilling process with the new grilling tool from Quirky. It’s a three in one grill tool, basically a fork, tong and spatula in one device. We think it is the perfect modern twist as it reduces the cleaning because you have one tool and simply makes your kitchen life a little easier.

Introduce the Microplane

Trying to prepare herbs with a knife is not an easy task, it’s both tedious and can be stressful but overall time consuming. Now let introduce a little kitchen gadget of the Mircoplane. It’s like a pepper mill for herbs, it looks good very easy to use and cleans very easily (It can even be placed in the dishwasher.)

Overall these gadgets are well made and not highly expensive so go ahead and peel perfect potatoes, create a flawless ice-cream scoop or simply just make your life a little easier, enjoy the summer.

This article about kitchen gadgets was written by Kutchenhaus specialists for UK kitchens for sale.

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