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We all know the importance of applications within the design structure of our smartphone devices. These technologically advanced software tools are the factors with which you can do so much more than just calling your friends from the mobile phone; now you can even figure out their current location too and likewise let them know where you are located as well. Here is foursquare application for you – this is an application that is installed on your phone device that tells you everything about locations. With the help of GPS networks this makes your task easier too. Your friends and those on your contact list have to accept your access of their phone within theirs and it makes you capable of finding where they are.

The use of foursquare has brought about a different kind of social networking in vogue. This is a new technology that has enabled people to remain in touch with each other at a new level of precision. Its introduction brought about a great deal of appreciative users for the application; it was encouraging for the company to continue with its advanced versions in quick succession and as expected these too were received with worldwide popularity. In order to be able to use this application you have to register your details and a sign up for a user id and password. Secondly and perhaps more significantly the application that operates between two or more people has to be mutually accepted for this location finder app to work. You will not only get all the updates of your friend’s location and geographical whereabouts but even receive reward points whenever you are checking in at venues. These are decided in advance by users and have them published not merely within the application but also with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Another aspect of the functioning of foursquare is the feature of regular updates. You are expected to make necessary updates in your status when you reach a check-in point and where you are at a point of time; as and when you do so the same updates are reflected on devices belonging to your connected friends as well. In venues you can also add your own tip in case you have something to share with the others. You can also make a customized list of your own where you note important things to be done. There are different systems of grading you depending on the frequency of your check-ins; these come in the form of an award to be known as the mayor of a place or badges and are awarded for specific places and cities only. When you are rewarded with a badge it is always reflected in your profile and never removed at any point of time.

The popularity of the foursquare application has sustained with immense popularity among the users of smartphones like iphone and others that feature in this range. The company has brought about several versions of the software each of which have only increased the parameter since its previous version.

This has enabled Foursquare with precision and make availability of innovative features.

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