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One name that’s synonymous with photography and finest quality imaging is that of Eastman Kodak Company. This multinational American company has been engaged in the manufacturing and creation of various photographic equipments and photographic film products. With time the company has also forayed into the realm of producing digital photography and business of digital printing. It has one of the widest ranges of different makes of cameras offered for its worldwide buyers and photographic enthusiasts. The company also has an amazing price range that offers a better choice for consumers to purchase within their budget. Though the company is known mainly for its camera ranges there are several other photography related products that are available from this brand all over the world.

Needless to mention one of the chief products from Kodak is cameras. There are film cameras that the company still makes for a considerable section of its Asian markets of India, Pakistan, China, Latin America and Eastern European markets. Manufacturing of these has been officially discontinued for the markets of USA, Canada and Western Europe. In the last few years since 2005 there has been a considerable shift of focus by the company towards the sphere of digital cameras. There is a wide range of cameras that is manufactured by the company in different formats and price ranges. It brings quality added with comfortable price tags which makes it easier for all segments of consumers and buyers in different countries of the world.

In recent years Kodak has made a foray into the market of digital cameras; it has earned accolades from consumers and reviews of its well known product – the Kodak DCS DSLR series of digital cameras. It was also known widely for a range of compact digital cameras that was manufactured by the company earlier on. With time the company progressed to make several high end products and accessories catering to various aspects of photography. One such area is the manufacture of image sensors like the KAF – 10500 which was also incorporated in the Leica M8 cameras. It had resulted in a successful and positive commercial tie-up between the two companies.

There is a wide range of digital photo frames available from Kodak. Their first range was the Kodak Smart Picture in the year 2000. The users of these have to connect to the network through a telephone connection that is inbuilt with the frame. The default connection time of the frame that was set would enable a download of new pictures from the network of StoryBox. The company had an alliance with StoryBox about the network downloads. Similar available also came from CompactFlash network.

Over the years Kodak has also forayed into the market of manufacturing inkjet printers and cartridges. These startups were always done in partnership with other companies. There is a well developed network of service centers and flagship stores the company has in nearly every country of its operations.

Also available is a constant online support and live assistance for the users.

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