Lenovo G560 Performance Overview


Lenovo G560 Performance Overview

Lenovo has launched its award winning, economical and affordable laptop Lenovo G560 in the market. Lenovo is one of the three companies which have the face recognition system instead of the usual biometric finger print scanner. This face recognition technology is termed as VERIFACE face recognition system. Face recognition technology is fun and also faster means of authentication than other methods. Coming to the hardware part, the laptop provides 320 GB worth hard disk data space to store all your audio, video, and text data without any hassle.

Lenovo G560 Processor is of Intel Company’s. It is dual core and the series is P6100 with 2.0 GHz speed and 3 MB is dedicated cache memory. Dual core offers you better performance and multi tasking. There is a DVD writer and drive which you can use to watch movies and burn data to these disks at a very fast rate. The primary storage or the RAM is 4 GB. Lenovo gives you a provision to expand your RAM memory up to 8 GB. This is ensured so that you can upgrade your laptop with the change in trend and time.

The laptop diagonal screen size is of 15.6’’. This big screen gives you a pleasure in viewing your favourite movie and playing games. LED’s are used in the screen instead of the conventional LCD screens. This gives a glossy finish to the laptop. LED is supposed to be efficient power savers. This increases the battery life-time. The duration or life of the battery lasts up to 4 hours approximately. Considering its configuration and performance 4 hours is quite an optimal battery life.

The Lenovo G560 has an in built or integrated Intel Graphics HM55 graphics card to enhance the overall visual quality. This allows the user to play medium level of games, not the higher end ones, considering the graphics are not very high ratio. But it is quite useful for daily home purposes.

The Lenovo G560 laptop comes with Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, which is 64 bit. The 64 bit processors are used to full extent and it provides efficient multi tasking. Windows 7 operating system rectifies all the errors and bugs of its company’s previous operating system –Vista, and provides a better experience to the users.

The battery used here is a six cell lithium ion battery pack. The other features include stereo jack, USB ports and card reader which can read up to five cards like sound card, memory stick, MS pro, and many more.

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