LexisNexis Smart Meeting: A Superior Way To Prep For Your Next Meeting


LexisNexis Legal and Professional research and content provider just released their brand new software called Smart Meeting. Smart Meeting gives sales representatives information on companies that are either clients or potential clients by using email addresses of the attendants of the meeting.

Why Smart Meeting?
The truth is, the majority of customers prefer doing business with companies that know the most about their industry and have truly made an investment in their success. Smart Meeting uses this to give certain companies an advantage in getting business.

Professionals and Sales representatives are not typically fully prepared for the first time they meet with a customer. This can be a huge downfall for the company. For the company to prove its value and show its intelligence and respect for the customer, it is crucial for the sales person to have a bit of prior knowledge of the possible customer.

How does Smart Meeting work?
When a new meeting is added to the Outlook Calendar, Smart Meeting will automatically search the domain names from the email addresses of other meeting members. Smart Meeting works by listing companies that are matches to the domain name of each email address that is invited to the meeting. The software can then send emails to the sales representative that will provide them with information about the company.

This information often includes executive moves, merger and acquisition activity, financial results, and breaking news within the company.

LexisNexis Smart meeting uses pertaining information from LexisNexis, which is a vast source of industry and company news. Smart Meeting then delivers a report to companies that will help salesmen and business men prepare for meetings with customers and delivers a report to prepare sales and business professionals for client meetings.

The tool is integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, allowing Smart meeting to deliver the most recent news and company information, even right before a meeting. This gives the company an advantage over other companies.

Benefits of using Smart Meeting
LexisNexis Smart meeting has the ability to increase sales and professional relationships by allowing salesmen to stay on top of important events and recent news before the meeting. The crucial preparation for the meeting is sent to the business man’s email address just before the meeting, increasing the companies chances of new customers and opportunities, and ultimately having greater overall success in their business.

Smart Meeting is extremely beneficial for busy professionals that are on the go. They will be able to access Smart Meeting’s information from just about anywhere using their computer or mobile device. Smart Meeting is supported by Windows or Mac, Ipads, Iphones, Blackberries, and Android phones for easy access at any time and any place.

Smart Meeting includes many great features that make meeting preparation easier. Features include:

  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook so you can schedule your meetings on your Outlook Calendar, and the rest of the work is done automatically
  • Smart Meeting is simple and easy. It only takes a few clicks in order to receive your report as Smart Meeting works automatically as soon as you schedule a new meeting in Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Reports are compatable with mobile devices, so you can receive your report and prepare for your meeting at any place and any time.
  • Prepare for your meeting any time you choose as you can request the time your report is delivered to your email address
  • Automatically matches the email domain name to the thousands of company domains that are stored to get relevant information
  • Choose what information you would like delivered to you
  • Stay informed of the latest news and any changes that may have recently occurred
  • Appear knowledgable and credible during meetings with customers by coming prepared

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