LG G2 Mini Review: Is It Worth Buying?


Hardware Platform

The LG G2 mini device is based on a hardware platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8226). SoC contains four processor cores Cortex-A7 clocked at up to 1.2GHz and Adreno 305 graphics core. Amount of RAM – 1 GB and built-in storage volume – 8 GB (3.4GB available), which can be expanded with memory cards up to 32 GB. There are several versions of the smartphone, one family at a similar chip Qualcomm, but with support LTE-networks – MSM8926, the second also with support LTE-networks, but on-chip NvidiaTegra 4i with 1.7 GHz (for Latin America).

Integrated video player supports all popular types of video and audio files. It cannot play video resolution of 4K. While, it play Full HD video in a smooth manner. The player can work in full screen mode or on top of other windows. The volume level is high, the speaker volume – average.

The music player has the standard settings and allows you to select one of the preset sounds or adjust it manually. As with video, the volume level is high, the quality is not that great.

LG G2 Mini Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Wireless modules work is just satisfactory. When you first start navigation (cold start) on the satellite search takes less than 15 seconds, when you restart – less than 5 seconds. Which is a standard for modern smartphones. Communication speed of Wi-Fi-network signal reception is good regardless of how you hold the device. Did not raise issues and voice quality okay too. Speaker volume is sufficient for most situations and the sound is not distorted.

Battery backup of LG G2 mini can be called good. In Antututest, smartphone scored 663 points. In normal use smartphone can run for two days. On heavy load, it can work for half day.

The smartphone has a power saving mode. Its job is that at a certain level, it will disable automatically specified modules, vibration, reducing the screen brightness and synchronization. All users can do it manually, so that the usefulness of such a regime is not very big. And yes this type of function is a primary need.

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