LG Optimus Series: A Detailed Review


As far as Smartphones are considered their market has totally been revamped within few months; it wasn’t long ago that the consumers desirous to buy Smartphones had to go through cumbersome tasks of getting the information about the retailers and the vendors and above all they had to sign a 2-3 years contract with the phone sellers like AT&T and Verizon. But now, in the Smartphone realm, things are changing pretty quickly; it is partly due to lenient policies devised by the manufacturers striving to gain high market share and a flood of considerably cheap Smartphones that have hit the market.

Smartphone market has been changing dramatically as lots of cell phone manufacturers are opting Android OS for their Smartphones that offers lots of exciting features that come cheaply for users. Talking about LG, it has launched LG Optimus Series; let’s have a look at two latest LG handsets including LG Optimus T & LG Optimus S.

Hardware Specifications

A First glance at Optimus series phones gives an attractive feel; both of the phones look very genuine and comfy in hand. The quality of build is pretty good and a rich amount of soft touch plastic gives a feel of HTC Hero. The Smartphone maker, LG rightly opted for the array of physical buttons all-around the handset and also added a hard plastic slivery band around the hard buttons at the front. The screen size is 480 x 320 and it’s a TFT LCD with bright colors and subtle viewing angles. There is 3.5mm headphone jack and a lock cum power button on the top right edge, a micro USB connector on the side and a particular volume rocker on the right side of the phone.

The Optimus S and T share almost the same overall design and the apparent looks but there are some considerable differences. For example, one of the visual differences is that on Optimus T the Home and Menu buttons are exchanged as compared to the Optimus S.

Well under the hood, there is a 600MHz Qualcomm processor with an added module of Adreno 200 graphics, a total of 512MB ram, WiFi+Bluetooth, plus an AGPS, a dedicated compass and an accelerometer for enhanced gaming experience. The specs put up by the handsets are quite good for a budget phone so an omission of light sensor will not be such a big deal. The Optimus T is having a GSM Radio with a designated quadband EDGE; on the other hand its partner Optimus S is pretty much like a domestic phone that only houses CDMA Support with an additional EVDO Rev. Both of the Optimus series devices are equipped with a considerable longer life1500mAh battery that can give users two days of multimedia moderating including listening to audio and making videos in a full charge.

Optimus Series: Camera

Well cameras on the budget phones are normally kept low-end but in the case of LG Optimus T and Optimus S, cameras are having good results. Both these handsets house a 3.2MP camera that has an integrated autofocus feature with both the VGA and macro recording options enabled, unfortunately there is no flash available for both these handsets. The picture quality is excellent, especially when ambient light is present in substantial quantity. Exposure and sharpness feature is well handled, low-light results aren’t that good but noise level is kept considerably low.


Both Optimus T and Optimus S are served with a fun filled Froyo but are also marred due to some software features. In both the handsets, the complete Froyo experience is stuffed including the amazing functionality of WiFi Hotspot making. The usual applications like Gmail, Places, Maps, Talk, and Search are squeezed in the handsets. The Android’s lackluster Mediaplayer that has been tagged by many reviewers as not up to the mark is also the part of the software. Overall the user interface is quite eye-catching and snappy and it feels like anything that you can experience on any Modern Android 2.2 phone.

Overall Ratings

Well, it’s no doubt that Optimus T & S are incredibly loaded phones with a low price tag, with high end hardware and up-to-date latest software and above all they offer a solid performance. The sets are good gadgets for all the first-time Google’s Android and Smartphone lovers. Options like WiFi calling and FM Radio on Optimus T & S make them a sure winner and they definitely have potential to make their mark in the Smartphone market.

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  1. great review. love my new lg. processor is faster, easier to use, the touch screen is easy to navigate and texting and emailing is reallly easy. great unlocked cell phones. the email and wifi is great for busness and my wife loves hers for the facebook and camera. also got our htc unlock codes and blackberry unlocking for free! got our last couple optimus’s a 2 thumbs way up

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