Light room 3 from Adobe


Light room 3 from Adobe

This is only the elementary review of Light Room 3 and not a detailed review. What are the elements interests a photographer in this software is the core of this article. The upgraded version 3.2 with more features and more cost is also available.

The basic focus of this light room software is enabling you to take powerful shots from any format available with you. This light room has an excellent processing (RAW) engine. If you are learning photography you may not find any distinction in the raw processors from any other models and Adobe but experienced photographer could easily spot the sound in shooting high ISO pictures. Likewise, for getting sharper pictures if you adjust it, Adobe may produce deformed pictures.

Apparently you will observe some motion blur in the output image. This model contains amazing brush tools for adjusting sharpness. If you could make use of brush with profound knowledge then it produces outstanding pictures creating a magic.

Another new element with this model is its lens correction tool and it is easy for usage and making alterations. For a compulsive man like me, in respect of adjusting the orientation of pictures, correction tool enables great usage.

The ‘Preset’ feature is truly powerful and practical. It is quite useful if you are going to take lots of pictures with same background. It enables you to make modification of sharpness, and exposure for just one picture and it automatically applies to all other pictures by a single click of the button. This preset element is user friendly and teaches you to take wonderful shots.

Organizational style is not suited for all, even after accessing it for lengthy period. Likewise, navigation of buttons is much more complex as per its design. It would have been better if they could properly fix short-cuts for clear navigation. It depends squarely on each person’s taste and if you are working seriously making adjustments you have pleasure in working with this piece. It is essential for you to have knowledge about its tools and its limitations, and gathering some keywords and having an imported preset element.

The light room comes with lot of plug-ins for external connectivity. It contains an enhanced plug in feature for accommodating many additional services through light room.

I am not going to manage my videos in the light room. Instead I intend to add them with the existing system for storing them safely along with other photos. You can now edit the videos through light room and access them via footage folder.


Even though it is true that it is difficult to learn the organizational style of light room you can gradually pick up the same. The quality of pictures is important than any other thing. With its processing engine, lot of tools and presets this light room software serves as remarkable tool for photography. This would be a great choice for taking lot of pictures and presenting them in the best form.

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