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List View is one of the most popular widgets that Android gadgets have. Many users have it and swear by it because it is so easy to use, highly flexible, and most of all, it is very powerful too. However, for those who may not be too familiar with it, List View can be quite difficult to understand sometimes.

One of the most prominent issues that List View has is when users try to change their current background to a more customized one. Initially, Android widgets have a transparent background. Moreover, List View has the fading edges feature as a default which indicates that the container can be scrolled up or down. The fade effect can be shown when there is a Porter-Duff Destination Out blending mode.

However, many users have reported a problem when they tried to customize the background on the List View or when they try to manipulate the background of the window. This is caused by the optimization of the Android structure for List View. This can be implemented using a Porter Duff blending mode. This can be very nice but it can be very expensive. It can also lower the level of performance due to a higher requirement as it renders an off screen bitmap and add more blending.

Due to List view having a more solid background compared to others, there is really no need to go for the costly option. This is why it is very important to be able to utilize the optimization more known as cache color hint. This is an RGB color that is created by default to the background color of the window. In the case of Android, it is #191919 for the dark theme. When this is created, List View will now provide a more solid background then replace saveLayerAlpha()/Porter-Duff and the render a simpler type of gradient. The gradient will then be transformed from transparent to the cache color hint value. The dark gradient will then be found at the bottom of the screen or list.

This is quite an easy way to get around the problem that many developers face. Make sure that you have the right colors and the right gradient that you need for this change that you have to make. List View is quite an important widget right now and it pays to address the issues even when it is very simple as its background.

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