Logitech Solar Powered Keyboard K750: Detailed Review


Logitech’s latest keyboard is a solar powered device that aims to help people use technology, without harming the environment. The tech industry is now gradually going green, by trying to bring out products and devices that consume less of power and do not leave any carbon footprint. Logitech is amongst the few companies that has joined this cause. Logitech’s latest wireless keyboard is named as keyboard K750 and is currently considered as the best solar powered, wireless keyboard. .

The latest Logitech’s solar powered keyboard K750 gets it energy through two dedicated solar panels. The energy is then stored in a separate battery that charges the keyboard for a time span of four months, without having the need to get sunlight again. The company goes a step further by creating the solar keyboard in such a way that it does not only live by solar lightening, but can also take power from indoor lightening. So you don’t really need solar power to keep this cool device charged up. Charging up indoors is indeed quite convenient and pretty neat as well.

According to a statement issued by the VP of Product Marketing for the company’s keyboards and desktops, Denis Pavillard, the keyboards are still graded as being the perfect character input device. Typing has reached a new dimension with this innovative keyboard, and techie geeks who love the hard keyboard rather than any other input device, would not be disappointed. Rather they would change from simple techie geeks to environmental friendly techie geeks. Denis further said that this latest edition by the Logitech’s keyboard line will further enable the company to enhance its move for environment friendly electronics. Moreover, the keyboard is designed with a PVC construction free and it is a recyclable device, coming in a disposable package making it a gadget with a minimum carbon footprint.


The design team of the company has indeed worked out in carving out the physical design of the keyboard, and the team has not at all disappointed customers. The keyboard is merely 1/3 inch thick (i.e. 8.5mm) and features fully concave keys; apparently it looks like Logitech has combined the laptop keyboard schematics with the Desktop keyboard schematics to allow faster and easy typing. According to a review, the keyboard uses ‘chiclet’ keys with a very special contour that is very comforting on the hands.

On the connectivity side, the keyboard Logitech K750 uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity feature that keeps the user connected with virtually no specific delay or any kind of dropouts. The company’s latest communication standard, Logitech’s Advanced 2.4 Wireless also incorporates a 128-Bit AES standard of encryption that is attached with the keyboard. A receiver plugs into the laptop and the computer and it also acts a unifying receiver that can accept other peripherals like mouse and keyboards.

Setting up the keyboard takes only a minute or so, the user needs to plug in the receiver to any device and the working starts, no hassle of installing the software. The downloadable Logitech solar app informs users of the keyboard’s remaining power and how much total power the Solar panels are catching in. The peripheral is primarily designed for a Windows keyboard layout but Mac users should not worry, because it is going to work fine with Apple computers as well. The shipping of Logitech K750 to the American Markets will start in mid-November and the price tag will be $80, and it will be more readily available in the global markets from December onwards.

Well, in this particular peripheral, the reusable energy is not the only good thing that Logitech has incorporated. Instead the PVC free designing is also an environment friendly gesture. So after the keyboard, mouse will be next in-line, although a solar mouse will be a bigger challenge for Logitech because smaller surface area will hinder its solar power variant.


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  1. The wireless solar keyboard ?750 from Logitech is a very important ecological innovation showing a likely future trend. Its ergonomic design and its small thickness are also two important features.

    It supports all the Windows versions (XP, VISTA, 7).
    Obviously, it does’nt support Bluetooth technology.

    Is operation is based on a small rechargable battery which is included in the keyboard and charged through the solar panels of the keyboard, even with an internal room or desk light.

    We look forward to seeing similar products from other companies, as well as a price fall!

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