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Do you often need to convert the audio file format of the songs you download? Sometimes, this is necessary for compatibility reasons; alternatively, you might find that the new MP3 or media player that you have bought last week does not play your favorite music. This is because it is encoded in an improper format. Nowadays music lovers like to go for WMA which is one of the popular formats, but the tragedy is that it is not compatible with iPods.

You can go for hassle free interface like Koyote Free MP3 Converter, which has an excellent audio format. It can handle a number of things like WAV, AAC, MP3, WMA, AC3, M4A, APE and FLAC. Added to all these, there is also a bonus tool known as ripper, which is installed on your system. This is used to rip music files from CD to MP3, WAV or OGC files. It is a ‘no frills’ tool that helps to make your music compatible for storage.

Although WAV format, which is the abbreviation for Waveform audio, gives you superior audio quality, the file size can be really huge. Usually the audio stored in WAV files is not compressed. Professional users like it for its fine audio quality, but for typical web users face hassles with this format. If you want to transfer your music to DVD, MP3 or CD player, then it should preferably be in WAV files.

Some people prefer going for WAV to MP3 Converter which is easy, efficient and fast. It is completely free of charge for any non-commercial and private use. Such conversion is readily available for multi-core mainstream CPUs. It has latest built-in and advanced WAV Lame and codec. With the help of MP3 encoder, the sound quality is well maintained and superior to its counterparts. It supports batch mode conversion and is extremely easy to operate. With only a few clicks, thousands of WAV files are converted to MP3 format. The best part is that it is even compatible with latest version of Windows 7.

Features of this Conversion

>      WAV to MP3 Converter is efficient, fast and easy
>      It is capable of decoding various codec like LPCM, A-Law, ADPCM, G721, GSM, float point PCM and µ-Law.
>      Since it supports batch mode, you can convert a number of music files.
>      It supports 8/16/24/32/64 bit float point WAV files.
>      It is an incredibly fast converter.
>      It is fully optimized for Hyper thread technology/ SSE. If you have a multi-core CPU, then you get some extra speed.
>      It supports drag and drop option
>      WAV to MP3 Converter can effortlessly search, manage and add files that are to be converted.
>      It uses the latest WAV codec, which is one of the best MP3 encoder.
>      It works on any operating system

Minimum System Requirement

The minimum system requirements for this conversion are 1.0 GHZ fast processor

>      512 MB RAM
>      10 MB free hard drive space
>      Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

In this way, you can make a compatible conversion and get smooth quality music.

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