Making Money With Your Tech


You would be surprised how much money you can make with your technology at home. We offer tips on some of the best ways to make some extra money using the tech you have lying around your home.

Britain seems to have been in a recession for nearly ever at this stage. The good days of 2007 and before seem a long way away and the banking crisis and EU issues are continuing for the near future. So, how in these days where money is hard to come by, do we make ends meet.

Well we have compiled a list of a few little extra jobs you can do online or through technology to ensure you make that little bit extra to make life that bit more comfortable.

Get money surfing

Not a water sport in sight here. Sites such as offer you the chance to make a commission from your searches and also your friend’s searches and many people make upwards of £30 a month doing so. Sign up and receive your payments through PayPal or Bank Transfer each month.


Taking part in surveys online can also be a great way to make some extra money online and pay for some of the activities you don’t treat yourself to anymore. These surveys don’t look for anything to extraordinarily complex or insightful, generally just shopping habits and other such information. Beware of companies that are fraudulent and use well recognised ones such as Ciao or Panelbase which offer between 50p and £5 a survey depending on length and your time on the site.

Social Media

Social media has almost over taken talking as a national pastime and sites such as Yuwie offer users the chance to make money from online social media. All you have to do is set up a profile and blog and use them to get people to view your pages. This means the site earns from advertising and you also earn a percentage from this advertising, making you kind of rich – not very, but you will get some pocket money.


Setting up your own blog and writing about something you know and love can also mean that you make a large amount of money, especially if you sell advertising n your site. Place Google Adsense on your site, increase the traffic heading to your site through some SEO tricks, promote your services or eBooks and make some cash.


You’d be surprised what you can sell online and if you have a love of photos it can be possible to sell some of the better ones you have. Try Fotolia or iStockphoto and see if your pictures are used. It is not uncommon for good amateurs to make hundreds of pounds in a month over a long period on a good photo with these sites.

Many of us have many of these technologies in abundance at home – so, why not utilise them to make a lot of extra cash and also give yourself a little hobby to pass the time.

Jim Dean is a money blogger and works for Ulster Bank who offer online banking so you can keep an eye on the new money you will be making.

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