Marketing Strategies That Hurt Your Brand: Do You Know?


You have the product, the manpower to make it better with every stage and all the resources to make innovations happen every now and then. This, accompanied with all those hours you’ve spent while coaching your workforce over the best practices to ensure optimal productivity should help your case, for sure.

Marketing Strategies That Hurt Your Brand: Do You Know?

However, there is one aspect that needs a wee bit more brainstorming before anything else. Yes, that is your marketing strategy indeed. For these are the efforts that determine the way your audience perceives the product, there’s a dire need to invest enough thought into the same. For s number of businesses, the rea challenge begins when their marketing efforts keep an eccentricity from the message with which the brand is portrayed.

Shared below are 4 of the most common yet dysfunctional marketing strategies that effect your brand in a negative way. Drop sufficient glances and save yourself from the dip.

Disregarding the Customer Needs

This might be one of the foremost constraints you need to coach your team/workforce over. Whatever product you may offer, marketing it in a way that goes in compliance with the public’s need and their requirements. Understand all customer challenges and analyze over the ways you can present a solution accurately. It’s imperative for you and the employees you coach to understand that marketing plans are laid out in quite a different way, ideally. AS company should always start with painting a character sketch of the targeted customer group, followed by a presentable solutions to address their concerns.

You can always tweak your training programs on studying the loyal customers, their activities and the probable reason they prefer your brand. Gt to know them the best to produce results that satisfy their wants and keep the team spirit high as well.

Preferring Quantity over Quality

This one ‘wrong’ type of content marketing a multitude of professionals are practicing today. It can affect the brand’s effectiveness in conveying a message quite adversely. Surely, this flawed concept of increasing marketing efficiency stems from the belief that a brand can cover all spaces just by streaming an endless row of content on different platforms.

Remember that you may train them in the most effective way, but strategies won’t get implemented correctly until the users start engaging with the brand through your content. Instead of the number, direct your training prowess to improve upon the quality of all that’s shared or promoted. Quantity won’t matter anymore!

Not Keeping it Consistent

You might think about recruiting a single person, training him on the lines of the company’s business objectives and beginning with the marketing campaign. However, meagre are the chances that this will help your case. What you need is some professional help, just to keep the brand consistent on all platforms.

It’s cost effective in real sense to spend some extra resources and keep the identity right from the get go. Let the users perceive one brand, rather than seeing canonical forms at different places.

Not Keeping a Track of your Online Reputation

There are a world of changes happening in the online world today. At every instance, you should be aware regarding the kind of reviews and opinions the online audience holds about your brand. Coach your workforce over the most efficient ways to maintain a neutral image, even when there’s a tide of high negativity going on different social media channels.

Once someone searches for your product and comes across the online reviews, either he will or would not go for your brand. Make sure you train the employee force on these lines.

Mistakes are numerous to save your brand from. However, keeping a check on these would certainly keep the marketing progress on the right track.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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