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Marketing Your First Night Club Event


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So you have decided to promote your first nightclub event. You?ve seen others do it and you?re an expert in your musical genre, then why not?

The Planning Stage:
Firstly, you have to find a venue. Quite important as choosing somewhere in the outback or a place with a bad reputation is not going to draw the crowds.

Secondly, when? Booking it on a public holiday is always a good idea as people will be out to enjoy themselves, however holidays like Christmas and New Year will have a lot of competition.

Thirdly what DJ?s and what extra entertainment? In my opinion, the most critical part of any club night is good music and a fun atmosphere. Without these two, punters may feel a bit short-changed.

Merge all of these together neatly and creatively and you are on the way for a successful ‘ ‘ roadblock? event. However if no one knows about it, then who is going to come?

This is where promotion comes in. Among the bullets point below, we are going to look into having flyers printed and their effect on the overall perception of your night, adverts on local radio stations that will help reach a further audience and then finally recruiting some handsome and beautiful people to attract attention to your efforts.

Flyers are your Best Friend When Promoting Opening Night

  1. Make sure to order in ?bulk? as repeat orders of small quantities will cost you a bomb.
  2. Your flyers must be informative and leave no questions unanswered. Prices, dates and who?s playing should be as clear as the midday sun.
  3. Have them printed in different colours; the more variety you have to choose, the better.
  4. Different sizes are a good idea. The normal flyer size is great for handing to people when out and about but if you have permission to promote your night in other bars, then don?t be afraid to get some decent sized posters printed up.
  5. Attach discounts and drink promotions to the flyers.

Radio spots: A Great Way to Reach a Mass Audience

  1. Choose a radio station that is relevant to your events niche. Advertising a drum and bass night on a Christian radio show isn?t going to do you any favours except maybe attracting some small protests.
  2. Shop around. This is huge slice of the radio stations bread and butter so prices can get high. You are best off aiming for smaller local or even underground frequencies rather than the huge capital giants.
  3. Don?t be afraid to haggle.
  4. Put effort into your ad. Have someone with an attractive voice and use vocabulary that catches attention. Stay away from trying to ?play a part? as most people will see straight through it.

Beautiful Promoters

  1. Always ask friends first. Not only will they be cheaper, they will probably put more effort into it.
  2. Have a mix of boys and girls. Concentrating on one sex will make feel the other left out and come the night of your party the atmosphere might feel ?one sided?.
  3. Give them minimum targets when handing out flyers. Add incentives to these targets and your promo team will run in top gear.
  4. Have them wear t-shirts that quite clearly advertise what they are promoting. These can be seen from buses, people in the back of taxis and passers-by on opposite sides of the roads.
  5. Motivate them any way you can. They are the reflection of your night to potential partygoers, the more fun and friendly they are, the more people your night will attract.


There is no need to go overboard. Spending money you don?t have on just the promotion side of things is going to be counterproductive. Having said that expecting word of mouth to be your key to success could be seen as naïve. The promotion business is a ?tuffy? but sticking to these basic rules and being creative within them will almost always guarantee success.

This article was written by Andy Wright on behalf ‘’, the experts in providing quality printing services. Whether nightclub promoter, profitable publication or advertising guru,and cheap flyers. Wales print can fix up just what you need.

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