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You can spend anywhere between 8 and 14 hours in your office every day. You get your work done, talk with clients, send documents, and generally kick some office butt. However, sometimes things at the office don’t always run smoothly. There are power outages, problems with the Internet connection, and there never seem to be enough USB ports anywhere.

The following list goes over six things that can help your office maintain its productivity. Maximize the work done at your place of business, and you can reach new clients and customers, do a better job with your work, and pull in more revenue. It is worth the time and effort to make sure your company is running as efficiently as possible.

Install a UPS

An Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS, is one of the most useful things you can have. Weather is unpredictable. Just this year, parts of the US lost power due to a heat storm. You can lose necessary data, programs, and documents during a power outage, a brown out, or a power surge. Putting in a UPS can allow you to keep power so you can keep working, so you don’t have to lose time or money.

Wireless Router

In the same vein as a power outage, your company may rely on an Internet connection to do business. But there are several causes for problems with an Internet connection, including poor service or too many computers plugged in. Avoid issues with Internet connections by installing one or more wireless routers. By providing more connections, you allow more people to use faster Internet, allowing less lag and more productivity.

Dual Monitors

Many companies have moved to online business, where most of what they do involves computers. Sometimes, this involves having numerous applications and programs open, with multiple windows each. Things can get confused, where you don’t know what window holds what information. Solve this by installing dual monitors at each desk. This can involve two laptops, two computers, or one of each, but this spreads the desktop out and allows more room for tasks.

Letter Opener

Opening an envelope is a lost art. Destroying envelopes is not an efficient way to extricate the letter or information, and you may need to keep that envelope for an address later. Make opening envelopes quicker and much easier with an automated letter opener. You can open multiple letters at once, and the mail comes neatly out of the other side of the opener, keeping your tidy envelope and letters separate.


If you work with a computer, you know this problem. You have a mouse, monitors, printers, or any manner of other accessories, you do not have enough USB ports in your one computer. By purchasing a USB hub, you can instantly add as many ports as you need. You’ll never have to unplug something to plug another thing in, making your time more efficient.

A comfy chair

No, really! If you get yourself a comfortable chair, you will have less back problems, and spend less time in pain at work. You won’t need to constantly readjust your sitting position, stretch to realign your spine, or walk around because you just can’t sit anymore. You will feel much better and actually get all your work done on time. A comfy chair can change your life.

These six things can revolutionize your work environment, and ensure that works gets done in a timely manner. You can get your work done at a faster pace with more amenities that make your job easier and pleasant to do.

Sara Stricker is part of a team of dedicated writers who contribute hundreds of quality articles to blogs and sites. Contact her with any questions about business efficiency. Follow her @StrickerSara for more articles.

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