Meet Siri – you’re Tech-savvy Personal Assistant!


If Apple’s iPhone 4S had a voice, it would have been exactly like the new voice activated software, Siri! I would rather call Siri a ‘revolution’ that enables you to perform your tasks through natural speech. Siri is like a female personal assistant that replies you back in a gentle female voice. And all you have to do is talk with Siri and your wish will become her command.

Siri understands you

The reason why I have called Siri, a tech-revolution and not software is because she not only listens to you and act, but also tries to understand you and act accordingly. She is imbued with chunks of intelligence that not only tells you about the weather forecast, but also helps you select your dressing according to weather forecast. You can simply ask Siri ‘Do I need a jacket today’ and Siri, according to weather forecast will tell you whether you need an umbrella or sunglasses! Siri is smart; it evolves according to your personality and your needs that you’ll soon develop an emotional connection with her. But beware because Apple has not imbued emotions into Siri!

Your personal assistant!

Siri is daring and curious and will keep asking you questions until she gets completely what you ‘mean’ Tell Siri to tell you about a term, you have heard first time and Siri will do all the research, gather all the information and will update you with the best possible answer. She will read you emails and messages aloud and will even reply them from your words. You can tell Siri to tell your wife that you are late, and Siri will exactly do the same. Siri knows your family members, friends, co workers, wife and all the details of your contacts. In short, it’s just like a talking iPhone.

Siri takes Dictation!

You just need to dictate her, if you want to update your Facebook status, and Siri will change your words into text and will update your status. Not only Facebook, Siri can also write emails for you, but don’t expect her to write the entire mail for you all by herself, off course, you will dictate her and she will write. All you need is to tap the microphone icon on your screen and Siri is ready to take dictations. How obedient!

Siri is a life changer!

Siri is truly a life changer; she has so much to tell you and to remind you. She will search for you anything you need to know and will play you your favorite songs and so much more! She will even wake you up in the morning and after spending a month, you would never wish to live without Siri! However, make sure your wife or girlfriend don’t get jealous of Siri, well the chances are pretty much because this little piece of science fiction is an incredibly smart companion!

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