Micro Express NBL60 Review


Micro Express NBL60 Review

The NBL60 is a pretty unassuming laptop with a great display and a nice keyboard. The 15 -incher suffers from its rather low disk space. It will offer you a pretty nice video experience, coupled with an excellent network connection that produces top -notch performance for large applications. The machine comes with a price tag of $1199, which seems to be fair.

The NBL60 is powered by intel i7 620M processor that returns an impressive speed of 2670 MHz. It comes with a reputable pre -installed 4GB DDR3 memory that moves at a speed of 1333 MHz. The storage chores are taken up by a disappointingly skimpy 80 GB hard disk drive. It is adviserble you install a traditional hard disk drive that can give you a robust 320 GB of storage capacity, with the added bonus of a low price. Matters are not helped by the shallow auxilially storage facilities that only include memory stick and an SDHC Card.

The NBL60 comes with Discreet HD 5650 graphics chipset from ATI Radeon with a memory speed of 1333 MHz. The AMD Radeon graphics gives the GPU more horsepower. The machine’s switchable graphics also contain integrated graphics that are an important cog in its battery life. The All -purpose laptop scores a mark of 123 on the WorldBench 6 Test suite, which is pretty average for a machine of its kind, but that is due to the switchable graphics used by the machine. The machine is powered by Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition.

The keyboard is very responsive and needs little force when typing. You will also get the services of a full numbers pad in the main keyboard deck. The inclusion of the numbers keypad means that space is at a premium and the Page Down and Page UP keys, which are important in editing work are negatively affected when you press Numlock key -to deal with the problem you should press and hold “shift key” in order to use those keys-. The NBL60 offers a top -notch connectivity that gets much of its punch from 802.11n, bluetooth and gigabit ethernet, though it could have gained from the presence of wireless 3G/4G broadband. The connection is especially important for large applications and as a backborn for voluminous games.

The machine offers a quality video experience. The premium DVD videos stream nicely, abeit with unimpressive angle viewing. The overall DVD upscale can rival any in the market as it reduces errors and artifacting to a bear minimum. The results from high -definition movies, churned through WMV HD files is a joy to behold.
In the end the NBL60 delivers a pretty solid performance, with the odd setback here and there, but the price tag is justifiable.

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