Microsoft Kinetic To Hit the Stores On November 4th


Microsoft Corporation announced that the new motion-sensing system, the Kinetic will hit the US markets on November 4th. The Kinect, an Xbox 360 add-on is not just a gaming device but also a hub of home video and web entertainment. It enables controller free gaming experience. The Kinect is a slim bar shaped gadget placed near a TV to detect the player’s movements. The slim black Kinect sensor is plugged directly into any Xbox 360 console.

microsoft kinetic

Despite its smaller size, the Kinect is enabled with face and voice detection features that allows you to interact with the system through gestures, voice commands and other objects. The device consists of a camera, audio sensors and motion-sensing technology that can track 48 points of movements on a human body.

Microsoft revealed 17 Kinect – enabled games last week for Xbox. Five more games will be released throughout November and December. Microsoft has also struck a deal with content providers like Walt Disney to ensure that a wide variety of games will be available by November 4th. A bundle that includes an Xbox 360 250GB and the game Kinect will be available for $399.99. Kinect if bought separate costs $149.99.

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