Microsoft Office Mobile 7: A Revamped Productivity Suite


Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is officially out and is making waves in the market. I saw a complete demo of it on YouTube and the new mobile software by Redmond based software giant is indeed a full package; easy social networking integration, a seamless fast paced variation of Windows, a graphically very friendly user Interface and loads of other improvements.

So with the release of Microsoft Windows Phone 7, the new and the redesigned version of Office Mobile, is also very radically different from its previous versions 6.5. It is designed to make the files resemble their outlook to the Windows or the Desktop version of them. Well, it is indeed a pretty hectic job of shrinking the Office Productivity Suite including the likes of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and the latest One Note into the palm of the user. The Software giant Microsoft has indeed done a good job ( I won’t rate it to be a spectacular job) of editing and customizing the features so that they won’t look an alien on the handheld realm if compared with the desktop domain. The users can easily swipe and slide rather glide through the various screens on the Productivity Suite, by just tapping on the screen a touchscreen keyboard will pop up making it way easy for typing.

Office Mobile Suite is normally preinstalled on the latest Windows Phone 7 and I saw its complete demo on Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 on YouTube and by the looks of it, we have indeed got a complete package on our hands. If the user has a Windows Phone 6.5 device, then no worries, because now you can purchase Windows Office Mobile 7 Suite from Microsoft’s online store that is Windows Market Place for the Mobile realm.

Features and Looks of Office Mobile 7

Well, first we elaborate on the looks; documents on the Windows Office Mobile 7 appear in a sort of fully formatted look and rather shrunk down. This means that the users can see the Graphics, Charts, Numbered lists, Bullets, Animations, Slide shows and other variants seamlessly. As a user turns the phone sideways, Word Text sort of flow facilitates an optimal viewing.

From the Office main Hub, the user can hold or tap any of the filename and get the pop options of whether to delete it or send it as email or even to view the properties of the file as well. One of the intriguing features is that OneNote notebook files can be appeared as titles but the Excel, Word and the Power point files appear as a text list.

The Office Mobile suite has XML support which means that the users can now open the elusive DOCX and other Office 2007 files on their handhelds with no hindrance at all. The Power point Mobile on the Office Mobile 7 only let the users read all the PowerPoint related files like PPT, PPSX, PPS and the PPSM files. The longtime and the old Office Mobile users will enjoy dealing with multitude of Office documents without ever to install Add-ons.

But a major drawback is the lack of Cut and Paste option, which the Apple OS compatible Office Applications Suite houses. Although, Microsoft is saying that they are gonna release this in 2011, but for the time being it is a big annoyance at hand. Most people prefer to use this Copy Paste option in order to make quick Tweaks to the pending documents. One good thing is that the Suite has a seamless Predictive text option which means that when the user type names and the words they use frequently in the typing, the predictive text comes into action and makes suggestions so that the users can AutoFill the pending text.

Syncing Option

The users of the Office Mobile 7 Suite can sync their files very easily, if they are having a free Windows Live SkyDrive Account that offers quite a substantial amount of storage up to 25 GB. A user can sync his documents easily and if he is a businessman on-the go then he can use SharePoint for the documents collaboration. The users of SharePoint get added advantage of managing their stored files and import their links of My Site. The users of SkyDrive have although a limited sync option base, that is they can only Sync OneNote notebooks and not the other Suite files.

Moreover, with the latest Windows Phone 7 the users can also access their Office files from any kind of browser at the URL; this syncing also works well for the lengthy Office Word Documents.

Office latest entry OneNote

Microsoft is rather putting emphasis on its latest addition to the Office suite that is OneNote. It is a very handy-note taking program for those who get well conversant with the program. It is a great addition for loads of things, like the users can add To-Do items, grocery list, meeting notes, and even they can add multimedia items; photos and phone voice recordings. The latest Windows Phone 7 style display arranges these OneNote notes which are pretty easy to find once the user is using Office Mobile 7.

Also available for the iOS and Android platform devices, Microsoft is sincerely hoping that Office Mobile will scoop up users who rely heavily on the Office Applications.

But it is very much evident that for the large majority of consumers, Office Mobile does not offer a complete list of features that will justify their choice of choosing Windows Phone over the other variants available in the market. On-the-Go users normally prefer packages like Google Docs, although, it has a limited editing and sharing options for Apple’s iPad and the Android Platform. There is also no Live Support available for the Microsoft’s Office Mobile 7 for the present.

So let’s see, whether it will be a reeling success and will it force users to buy Windows Phone 7 compatible handsets because of having Office Mobile 7.

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