Mobile And Computer Viruses 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]


In the modern digital age, computer viruses have grown into one of the biggest problems amongst those who own a PC or laptop (even Mac owners now have to deal with potential viruses), but they’re now also a major problem for smartphone owners – particularly those that run on the Android operating system. So how many new viruses are there every month? What is the most spread virus in existence? How big a problem is malware on the Android OS?

To help answer some of these questions, secure IT specialists TYR Solutions have produced this fantastic infographic, aimed at informing you on the state of mobile and computer viruses in 2012. I particularly love the little characters used in this infographic, as well as the complementary colours:

Mobile and Computer Viruses 2012 via TYR Solutions

Feel free to use this infographic on your own blog or website, just be sure to link back to TYR Solutions or this post on TechWench if you do choose to use it. If you’re looking for secure IT solutions, get in touch with TYR Solutions.

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