Mobile Marketing Ads Reach More Customers Through Demographics And Location


A company’s marketing advertisements strive to reach out to customers to offer special discounts, promotions and coupons. Initially, it was through mailed flyers and television advertisements. With the advancement of computer technology and the Internet, companies began to advertise their business on websites and search result pages.

Now, more people own smartphones and access everything from music, videos, online news, and games. This new mobile platform has companies scrambling to advertise their business to as many mobile device users as they can reach.

How Demographics Play a Part in Mobile Advertising

If you are a hearing aide company, would you try to sell your products to teens searching for prom dresses? Of course you wouldn’t. That would be wasted advertising that you paid for. You want your advertising to reach specific customers who are interested in your products or services.

With mobile advertising, you have a great opportunity to catch the users’ attention and influence it toward your business. Demographics play an important part in determining who you want to see your ads. Mobile users access the internet to read favorite news spots, bookmark popular web pages, and download mobile apps. Based on the mobile user’s preferences, businesses can tailor their ads to reach the most mobile users who would be interested in their ads.

Mobile search engines with targeted ads and mobile ad banners have become important advertising tools for mobile marketing companies. Users will also see ads when they are playing games, listening to music, and downloading apps as savvy mobile marketing agencies develop relevant ads to entice mobile users to the company’s services.

With targeted ads based on what the mobile user is doing with their smartphones, a business knows that the money put into their marketing campaigns are reaching desired audiences. The latest video game ads are reaching mobile game users. Baby products and services are reaching mobile users who are reading their favorite parenting blogs on their smartphones. And older citizens doing Internet searches on their cellphones for hearing aide batteries are seeing the right advertisements instead of reading about the latest prom dress trends.

Emerging Location-Based Advertising Entering the Mobile Phone Field

Besides demographics, or who the user is on the mobile device, smart advertisers are also targeting their advertisements through mobile-based technologies. The ever-popular GPS-location technology in smartphones allows mobile users to find stores, bars, restaurants, and other places with turn-by-turn navigation. This GPS location technology can also allow companies to know where the mobile user is at with their smartphone, and use this information in their marketing campaigns.

Mobile marketing agencies realize this is a great opportunity to increase a company’s sales by offering ads with special coupons and discounts to people based on their location. When the user is on their mobile phone, ads relevant to their location will appear, enticing them to visit the nearby stores and purchase goods or services.

So if a bunch of friends want to have a fun night out as they search for local restaurants, mobile marketing companies can send them advertisements about local entertainment events, bars, and movie showings. This location-based advertising increases sales for all businesses that are in the general location of the restaurant.

With location-based technology, you can target your products and services to people who are in the general area. Your business can receive more walk-in customers due to this smart advertising marketing campaign.

Enter The Mobile Technology Age

Don’t allow your business to fall behind when there are so many new avenues to advertise products and services. With mobile technology, you can reach more potential customers at the touch of a smartphone keypad.

Alex Nieland is an expert on the mobile marketing industry, writing editorial on this sector including tips, trends, and statistics to help small and large businesses improve their mobile advertising initiatives and success.

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