Music Video Creates Buzz About Anti-Bullying


Bullying has been around for centuries. Whether it is in the classroom, playground, or online it has not slowed down and there is no anticipation of it stopping. Parents and teachers have been working to eliminate the problem by stepping in and creating programs. Some of these programs have had some success stories and several have failed miserably. Many misguided solutions have been viewed as a joke or resulted in more issues.

Students Are Fed Up

Recently, students have been getting sick of all taunting, violence, and peer pressure that they are standing up for themselves. Students across the nation that see their peers get put down and abused are not putting up with it anymore. There are several small acts where students tell other students not to make fun of others. Some are even standing up for themselves. Many student-run organizations are forming to stop bullying and help other to cope with abuse.

There is one particular school in Houston, TX that found a creative way to stand up against bullying. A group of Cypress Ranch High School students approached the principle with an idea to get their message across. After getting approval from the principal, these teens started requiting their fellow classmates. An outstanding number of students showed up to back this project

Creativity Meets Anti-Bullying Campaign

On March 28, 2010 Cypress Ranch High School students created an original lip dub video entitled “Who Do U Think U R?” Over 1000 teens showed up to take part in this project and it only took them a matter of days to produce. Individual students, clubs, and extra-curricular organizations filled the hallways to lip sink to this pop song. This video has gained so much publicity it can even be found on iTunes.

Using Social Media to Stop Cyber Bullying

It is impossible to stop bullying completely but with programs and projects like these, kids can do their part to minimize the problem. Bullying is very much present online through kids social network sites. By creating a video, teens can spread this message on various social media platforms. The video has already reviewed over 80,000 views and continues to grow. Kids post it on their Facebook and twitter to share with other.

What better way to tackle cyber bullying then to create a video that will go viral. These teens have used their creativity to get their message across to their demographic. Teens standing up against bullying are more likely to produce results because they know how to talk to their classmates.

Kids Social Network is a social network site for kids and tweens. This kid-safe site has a lock down browser for safe browsing. Kids can go to online library or take a break by playing games and chat with friends on this site like Facebook for kids.

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