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As a former PC user, I used to think all of the back and forth between Mac owners and PC owners over which was better was a bunch of hogwash. It seemed almost silly, I thought, because a computer is a computer. When I bought my first Mac, however, I realized that I was seriously mistaken. My Mac (or any Mac for that matter) is better than your PC. While I admit that a Mac is not the ideal machine for ever user in all situations, Macs are better than PCs for the average computer user. There are several reasons why Mac is better than PC, and the following are just a few of my favorite examples of how Macs are the best.

Mac is cutting edge.

Apple products are several of the most commonly copied and knocked off in the world. The whole brand has been copied again and again because the company is a trend setter that identifies new directions in technology and design and sets the pace for everyone else. If you want to have the newest, most up to the minute technology with the best designs, you should look toward Apple. As this is something that you should want in your computer (especially if you want it to last), you want to get a Mac.

No more rebooting.

Sure, you have to turn your Mac off sometime, but it isn’t something you need to do every time you step away from your desk for more than an hour or so. With my old PCs, if I left them on for more than a day, I was just asking for all sorts of errors before an eventual freeze up or even a crash. When you do have to reboot your Mac, it isn’t as big of a deal as it is with a PC. Macs shut down relatively quickly, and will usually start back up in about 30 seconds or less. With your PC, you have to wait much, much longer; in some cases it may take several minutes to get your Windows PC up and running.

A better value.

When I bought my first Mac, I was a bit terrified of the price tag. There were only a handful of PCs available at my local big box store that cost anywhere close to the cost of the Mac I had my eye on. It seems so expensive, but in the long run, owning my Mac has proven to be much more inexpensive, making it a much better value. Not only are most Macs loaded with better equipment and more software, your Mac is also made with better products and features a much nicer, fashionable design. The OS is of higher quality,

I would argue as well.

Additionally, Macs last longer. Every Mac I have bought has well outlasted any of my PCs, and many Mac owners I have spoken with say the same thing. I may have spent about 20% more to buy my Mac, but I have used it for 50% longer than I would have been using a comparable PC.

And more…

There are lots of reasons why my Mac is better than your PC; this was just the tip of the iceberg. From greater batter life to less malware threats, there are many reasons why Mac users and even some honest PC users rave about Mac’s superiority over most PCs. If you are looking to get a new computer, you should think about scooping up a new Mac. The reasons why Mac is better than PC listed here are just a few reasons why a new Mac would be a wise choice and a great investment.

Rebecca Cyr is a marketing director of mac-how community

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