Navigating The Internet Leads To Better Web Designs


In the past, web design was relegated to designing sites that could be navigated from a personal PC. However, with the upgrades in mobile technology, it is imperative to use a web design company that can design a website that is easily accessed and navigated by site visitors who own a PC as well as mobile communications.

Look for a Designer Who Adapts the Design to the Technology

Site visitors navigate and look at data differently when they are viewing it on their PC versus their smartphone. Therefore, anyone who is involved in the design of websites must take this into account. If you are looking for a website developer or you want to increase the site visits to your online platform, you need to align yourself with a website design company in Northern Ireland that is versatile in this regard.

Site designers today must be adaptable in their approach when designing a website. They must look at the bounce rates of mobile phone users versus the bounce percentages of PC users. How do the two website visitors navigate a site? Where do they plant their eyes first when looking at information?

Navigating The Internet Leads To Better Web Designs

A Quick Getaway

Data has shown that mobile users tend to scroll down a site quickly while PC users take more time when they are visiting a site. The screen size of the site must be taken into account as well as how the site visitor scans over the information. Obviously, if the screen size is smaller, the site must be adjusted to take this fact into consideration. Also, if a site loads too slowly, a site visitor will quickly escape.

Make Sure the Site Visitor Immediately Shows an Interest

Interestingly, mobile phone users tend to spend more time looking at a site than PC users. The smaller screen forces them to scan down the site, reviewing the information for a longer period of time. The PC user only needs to take a quick glance at a site to see if it interests him or her. Therefore, it is essential that the site is laid out well and causes the site visitor to connect immediately. If the website design is lacking in this respect, you will see an increase in your bounce rates on the platform.

Take the Bounce Rates into Account

The bounce rates are a key determinant in how a web designer needs to proceed in designing a website that is compatible with a PC screen or a mobile phone design. He or she needs to understand the psychology behind a website’s design and the way a viewer navigates a site. If he or she does not use this kind of information when designing a site, he or she will probably waste time.

Design Should Follow Function

Design should follow function in order to be considered useful to site visitors. Therefore, it is imperative to keep this in mind when you are selecting a web design company to create your site for mobile and PC viewing.

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