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It seems like it was forever ago when people actually rented a film on DVD. Of course some still do, but most people have turned to online streaming. It is easy and you don’t have to go somewhere to get your desired film and there is no chance of being disappointed if it is unavailable. Online streaming allows people to be able to watch whichever movie they want to – provided it is out in theatres – anytime and anywhere on any device. You can of course watch on your tablets, PCs or laptops but if you are looking forward to a movie night with friends, having all friends huddled around, your laptop will not be the most ideal way to watch movie. Luckily, with the advancement in technology, the gap between your computer screen and your TV screen has been bridged.

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Online Streaming to Your TV

There are now plenty of methods to get your music and movies from the internet to a TV. It vastly enhances the capability of internet so that now it is a source of transmitting quality entertainment to a TV. This is indeed revolutionary and the phenomenon is getting quite a lot of attention; so much so that bold businesses are attempting to somehow claim this market which is predictably going to be quite profitable. It enables a regular viewer to be able to have on-demand access to his or her favorite films, TV shows and other online content, hence extending the scope of entertainment for the viewer.

Sources of Content Delivery

The first thing to ponder over is the source that will deliver the content. There are multitudes of services online that permit the user to stream videos online. Some of these services are free where others necessitate periodic subscriptions. Like, Hulu offers its users the capability to stream their favorite TV show episodes in high-quality and the episodes are available the same day they are aired on TV and a diverse selection of movies. Hulu offers all this without any remuneration. The users only have to tolerate advertisements during the videos.

Comparing Sources

YouTube is another common service that allows online video streaming, free of charge, while other services like Amazon require subscriptions. Amazon provides on-demand videos service that has a wide-range of TV shows and movies for its users to enjoy without the intrusion of commercials. It allows users to buy the shows and movies or rent films for a periodic cost. Amazon, unlike Hulu provides the user the option of downloading for offline viewing, while Hulu only supports streaming. But you need to be subscribed to avail all these facilities. It is a trade-off that depends on the preferences and budgets of the users.

Netflix also provides online streaming services to its subscribers. Why Netflix stands out from a sea of competition is due to the fact that it has come up with devices to bridge gap between TV and computers. These little devices are digital video players that link the computer and TVs seamlessly. Many TV manufacturers are also looking into giving their upcoming sets the functionality of video streaming. Video streaming has had a huge effect on the home-based entertainment experience and it has a bright future ahead of it.

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