Online Travel Guides Help Travelers Find The Right Hotel


Traveling can be an adventure for many. Spending a few nights in a different location can be an exciting time for everyone. However, different types of travelers have very different needs when it comes to lodging. For this reason, consulting an online travel guide can reveal the benefits of selecting a certain property based on any number of reasons. Price, location, style, and amenities are all important considerations that impact every traveler, and finding a match for those needs can help make the trip a memorable experience.

Online Travel Guides Help Travelers Find the Right Hotel


One of the biggest factors determining the selection of a hotel rests on the price. Online travel guides inform visitors of the daily rates and any special promotions. For example, a search for New York City hotels will reveal a host of properties with substantially different price points. While budget-minded travelers might skew toward the least expensive option available, experienced travelers realize that there is much more to finding a great hotel than price.


Hotels are located in different sections of cities, and some may not even be conveniently located for the traveler’s needs. Online guides provide a nice mapped layout of the available hotels, which eliminates any confusion during the shopping process. The particular needs of the person or family doing the traveling generally decides which location is perfectly suited to satisfy those needs. Using online tools travelers can determine distance from attractions, which can help narrow down the list of options. In short, the best match based on location will usually be readily apparent.


Boutique hotels, economy lodges, hostels, and luxury properties are just a few of the many different styles of hotels that have popped up over the past few decades. Different styles are better suited to certain clients, but the purpose of the trip can also mean choosing a different property. In short, some travelers are more comfortable with a certain type of service level and others are less demanding. The specific style of a hotel can be easily sorted with the help of travel guides.


Family vacations generally call for more kid-friendly amenities than business travelers typically demand. While families will generally be looking for a swimming pool and other assorted activities, business travelers will be looking for quiet places to work, access to office equipment, and other more professional areas. While both segments will probably be considering an on-property restaurant or even a lounge, online travel guides reveal what services are available at specific hotels. Plus, the chance to compare hotels side-by-side allows for a simple unaltered view of the pros and cons of each facility making the decision much easier.

In the end, online guides help guests find the perfect hotel. For many, finding the right combination of price, location, style, and offered amenities is a simple and straightforward solution, and for others, the process can be much more difficult. By being able to carefully evaluate the options on the desired travel dates, tourists and business travelers can make an informed decision as to which particular hotel best matches their unique set of needs. After all, travelers are not all equal, and hotels are rarely equal as well. The best match could be a hidden gem just out of sight, and some research can uncover the secret.

This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, a complete travel platform that allows you to do everything from comparing charter flights and train rides, to finding the best resort hotels and Airbnb rentals.

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