Open Source Game Design For Smart Phones


Designing open source games for smart phones involves a lot many things and in the next few sections we will try to go through all these details. We will look at things like features of smart phones, architecture as well as layers in open source games and some of the common terminology that is used in game design.

Using Smart Phone Features
Before you start designing open source games for any smart phone there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, these are:

  1. Teflon screen present in different touch screen devices such as I-Pad form a motion and any game’s response time can be altered if the game is controlled from the screen.
  2. Similarly you will have to know how to utilize operations of tilt sensor in smart phones which is basically quite advanced to make good designs for smart phones.

Architecture & Layers in Open Source Games
If you want to know how graphics or layers work in a game designed for smart phones then having knowledge of creation of games layers as well as architecture is quite important. The architecture is such that there are main loops on the screen. All the main content is present on this screen itself. Game’s characters are the sub-graphs and these are designed first using software for improving image coding.

At the time of designing games for smart phones you need to put more emphasis on background colors in the game. During the game different screens need to have continuity while the transitions take place and all characters need to blend correctly.

The architecture of the game should pay more attention to movement of characters in the game. Additional stress is to be given to crash icons which are called collision components. These are to be linked properly with right size and color of individual player.

Game Bootstrapping
After the open source game is designed it is equally important to correct it into right code which can be easily uploaded on a smart phone. This process is known as bootstrapping and it assists updation of open source games with the help of reciprocal input event forging.

Game Design Terminology
Let us now look at some of the common terminology connected with open source game design for smart phones:

  1. Meta Tiles: In almost all games meta tiles are integral part of mapping.
  2. Sprite Method Test: This is used for testing backgrounds and in this type of test it is checked whether vert quads are staying in-line with the projections (orthographic).
  3. Tiles in Frame: It refers to time taken by commands for binding with different tiles in a frame and takes about three to five milliseconds while submitting to layers of the game.
  4. Map Texture: Background maps texture need careful attention and it should never be sparse.

To conclude we will say that designing open source games for smart phones includes a lot many considerations and the above mentioned details will certainly help you in understanding how game design works.

We hope this article helped you understand the basics of game design for mobile devices! Make sure to visit for more tech related advice.

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