Outsourcing Solutions: Wave Of The Present?


Hiring people, keeping them and then laying them off after a time due to unavoidable reasons are all a part of a tiresome cycle in the business world. It is a costly chore that may even lead a business to plummet to its doom. But that can all change through outsourcing solutions.

Outsourcing is now a big trend in the world of business because of the many benefits that come along with it. Technology sure has made things easier for us and outsourcing solutions is one offshoot.

Outsourcing is the procurement of services from other companies that could have been availed in-house. Outsourcing solutions can either be domestic or global. Domestic or onshore outsourcing is simply obtaining services from someone who is in the same vicinity but outside the company. Global outsourcing or offshore outsourcing on the other hand is another arrangement in which a company avails of services from other countries, usually those that have political stability and lower labor costs or tax savings.

This type of arrangement is now preferred by many because of the following:

Cost Savings

It is the number one benefit of outsourcing. It is no secret that work is done at a much lower cost in some parts of the world than on the West; that is why most Western companies usually outsource from these countries more often than not, Asian countries like India, China, Philippines, Malaysia and Pakistan. Yes, they charge lower rates but there is no compromise on the quality of the work output since the people are also highly qualified professionals.

24/7 Business Hours

Since the outsourced jobs are given to countries with different time zones, then it follows that the business will be kept running at 24/7. With this kind of setting, the business will surely benefit more.

Expertise and Creativity

Let’s face it, a company cannot monopolize all the talents out there. What more, doing jobs in-house can become monotonous after a while since creative ideas just can’t help but run out sooner or later. Outsourcing changes this. One advantage provided by outsourcing is that it lets you access knowledge and creativity pools that you might not have inside your company.

Freeing up Resources

Companies have so much to deal with; and sometimes there seems to be so little time and yet so much to do. Outsourcing can put an end to this by letting your company pass on or delegate some tasks to another who has more qualifications to deal with the said tasks. In this case, your company will be left with more time and resources to address other areas of your business.

Flexible Capacity Management

Talk about not having to worry about talent management! By using outsourcing, your company will not have to deal with the tedious and demanding tasks of hiring and training personnel. This area of your company work will be taken care of by the external provider given that you specify a deal regarding the output quality and quantity you want.

About the Author:

Working as a business analyst for a number of years, Daniel Ruyter knows that specialized business technology services can provide businesses large and small with clean & efficient SAP infrastructure options.

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