AT&T has been introducing a great variety of mobile phones ever since its formation. The continuous series of stylish phones is always introduced by AT&T and users find it great to explore all new versions and models introduced by AT&T throughout the market.

Pantech-Duo is the Windows mobile introduced by AT&T for all the users who wish to grab Windows in their palms. It is a stylish phone with a keen focus upon features and users conveniences associated to   this mobile.

Pros and cons of Pantech-Duo:


  • Elegant appearance in dark gray color is a great fascination for all those who require a stylish phone with an attractive appearance
  • This mobile phone has a slider appearance with a QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard that comes out after sliding is meant for quick texting and emailing tasks and the other one at front is used for dialing numbers
  • The price range is low and this is why most of the users are able to purchase this phone
  • Data management and data supporting features are enhanced and work speedily
  • The built-in broadband support is fast enough and one can get connected to the internet very quickly
  • Voice quality is good and works in a great state
  • Fast CPU which enables fast switching in between programs in this phone


  • The camera results are below subpar. The photos as well as videos obtained from the camera of this mobile are not reliable and are of inadequate quality
  • No WI-Fi is included in this mobile phone
  • No GPS is possessed by this phone
  • A small sized screen which usually is not satisfying enough for professional users


Pantech-Duo is a Windows mobile phone which has perfect features of a fast processor and the ability of fast management among data and programs. However the complete software and the hardware of this mobile phone are not updated enough to be perfect by all means. The cell phone badly lacks in camera feature and users cannot find satisfying results from the camera of the Pantech-Duo. However, while taking outdoor shots, the camera quality is better than what it gives for indoor pictures.

The Pantech-Duo is a great facility for those with a requirement of quick data management and fast internet connection. But the lacking in the feature of WI-FI and GPS is usually an unsatisfactory feature among the users. The quality of sound on a call is awesome. The keypads of Pantech-Duo are not reliable enough; as they are of very small size, it usually takes more time to dial numbers and type messages in fast speed through this cell phone due to which its users face a little problem while writing messages or emails.

This cell phone is a great new thing for the new and unprofessional Windows mobile users. Pantech-Duo has both the negative and positive features in it. This is entirely upon the needs of the user towards liking or disliking of the Pantech-Duo.

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