Parental Control Software: Free Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker-A Review


Are you worried about whether your kids are in the right company? If you find your kid coming home late at night, and being more rebellious than before, it might just be a good idea to know about their whereabouts.

The Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker App might just be what you need, and can help you keep track of your kids in any way you want.

Overview of the Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker

The Hoverwatch Mobile tracker is a free app that allows you to track locations, messages, calls, chats, audio video, activities on social media and the internet and also contacts.

It is one of the easiest mobile trackers we have used; you just need to sign up with an e-mail and password, launch the app through this account and monitor all the data through this account itself.

Features of the Mobile Tracker

Here is a look at the different features you would love about the Free Hoverwatch mobile tracker.

  1. Spy without their knowledge

Helps you remain totally invisible, even if your children are experts in handling their mobile phones, whether those are Android phones or Windows. There are other versions of this software available which you can install them for PCs and the users will have no idea of the presence of this app.

  1. Track all their activities

Track phone calls made and received and easily view the call history. You can also view phone text messages, including MMS, as well as messages on various apps such as Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook. You can also view and hear the audio and video shared through these messages.

  1. Know who is using the phone

Control the front camera. When somebody unlocks the screen of the phone, the tracker takes a picture of the person and you can view it from your account.

  1. Be assured of the results

The phone doesn’t lose its tracking abilities even when the SIM card of a phone is removed or changed. Furthermore, you also get instant notifications when the SIM card is changed. The software works on both the Android and the iOS platform, ensuring complete compatibility.

  1. Locate your child easily

You can have live tracking of your kid’s physical location with the help of this tracker. Combining Wi-Fi signals, cell towers and GPS, this tracker helps give a precise location of the device and hence help you know exactly where your kid is.

  1. Browse history easily

View log browsing sessions and browsing history whenever you want. All you need is an online account for it, one which you would make when getting the software.


This Mobile Tracker software does its job well, remaining completely invisible and giving as detailed information as possible. However, you should remember solely to use this to ensure your child’s protection – do respect their privacy.

Use the tracker to make sure that your children are safe and protect them from any trouble that might have resulted. We do recommend Mobile Tracker – it is great to use, install, and manage.

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