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It’s time to plan a special party and you want this bash to be utterly epic, something people will be talking about for a long time. But it’s hard to know where to begin; there’s so much to be done, everything must be perfect. Whether you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, graduation party, bar mitzvah, or other party occasion, there are plenty of applications to help you during the entire planning process.

The first step to planning any party is to create a budget. Whether you have a very small budget to work with or are planning a party of pure extravagance, Budget $ has got you covered. The Budget $ app from Sevenlogics, Inc. provides a pre-defined budget list to give you a head start, and everything can be customized to suit your needs. You are able to track each area of the budget, including expense and payment information, and red alerts warn you which items are over-budget.

Guest List
Once you have set a reasonable budget, it’s time to create a guest list so that you know how many people to plan for. The Check In Easy application not only lets users create a customizable guest list, but allows guests to check-in to your event once they arrive as well. It enables users to upload a guest list from Excel and manage the guest list during the event.

Every party needs a great location. If you’re planning a backyard barbeque or restaurant celebration, a search for the perfect venue may not be necessary. But if you’re looking for a great place to host your get-together and aren’t sure where to start, check out Venuetastic. The application helps to streamline the planning process, assisting with discovering and booking event venue locations.

Your guest list is set and you’ve decided on a great venue, so now it’s time to create and send out invitations to party guests. Pingg is an application that provides the ability to send beautiful, customized event invites through social networks, email, or even via snail mail. It offers automatic ‘thank you’ texts for guests who RSVP or attend an event. Pingg also allows users to offer event attendees the ability to give a donation to various charities in lieu of a gift.

Find the perfect linens to match your dinnerware collection with Linen Colors app by Sferra Bros Ltd. Simply take a photo of your dinnerware, select any color on the photo, and view the ideal match from Sferra’s 101 colors of table linens. Once you find a color option you like, you may request swatches or buy linens.

Party Recipes
If you’re looking to save money by making your own food and skipping the caterer, chances are you will need a great app to help you along the way. The Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List application by Condé Nast Digital allows users to search more than 30,000 professionally created recipes. Search food or drink recipes by keyword, or simply filter based on category and what you’re looking for. Once you’ve saved your favorites, you can create shopping lists and email both the recipes and shopping lists to yourself and others.

Food & Wine Pairings
You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to impress your friends with wonderful wine and food pairings. The iPairings application by Big Air Style allows party hosts to match various food and cheeses to their ideal wine companions. For each set of results there are multiple wine options to choose from, and the user can filter results and view only white or red wines.

Put your guests at ease by providing some delicious mixed drinks (if your venue allows). Mixology Drink Recipes by Digital Outcrop allows users to browse and search through over 7,900 drink recipes and over 1,300 ingredients. A special ‘Liquor Cabinet’ tab allows you to enter the types of liquor and mixers you have on hand and search the database for cocktails that can be made.

Break the Ice – Conversation Starters
If you’re worried about your event being a little on the dry side, check out iTopics by Opticalistic. The application provides hundreds of conversation starters with no advertisements. Your guests will be learning all about one another in no time.

Or maybe you’d like to have a single application to keep things simple when it comes to planning your celebration. For an extremely versatile app that has it all, check out Simple Soiree by StarRock Software. The app allows you to keep track of everything from guest lists, RSVPs, shopping lists, and more.

No matter how you go about planning your party, ease some stress by downloading an app or two to help along the way. These applications were designed to aid in the process and simplify life for those planning events. You might as well let them do their job.

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