Penny Pinching the High-Tech Way


In a world where technology is a vital part of every day life, savvy consumers are taking advantage of technological advances to learn the tricks of smart shopping and penny pinching. They are looking for new ways to find out about sales, compare prices and receive notifications of daily deals and discounts without setting foot outside of their family room.

Coupon Aggregator Sites

There are many sites that collect coupons for multiple retailers. They have different ways of grouping them, and some are good about separating coupons that expire soon from those that don’t. A Google search for grocery coupon sites will bring up numerous sites, and you can pick the one that works best for your needs. Some sites also maintain coupon codes for multiple retailers, but a consumer may have to access the retailer through the coupon site.

Digital Coupons

There are multiple ways to use digital coupons. One of those is by having them sent to your smartphone. When coupons are delivered to your phone, it isn’t necessary to download the coupons, print them and cut them out. Many coupons use a Quick Response (QR) Code. Smartphone users download an app that allows them to capture the QR code image. At the checkout, they scan the code from their phone, and it reads like any barcode. The code communicates the cash value to the cash register.

Daily Deal Offers

National sites such as Family Finds, Living Social and Groupon offer daily deals. Although these sites are free, the only way to find out about or be able to purchase the deal is by joining the site. Subscribers receive a different deal every day. After purchasing a deal, consumers receive an email containing a link to the next day’s deal. It may also include a link that the customer can share with others. If three people use that link to purchase the same daily deal, the original purchaser will get that daily deal for free.

Email Lists

Many national retailers that have local stores as well as a website offer customers the opportunity to sign up for email notifications of special sales. Participants receive advance notification of sales, or the opportunity to check out online sales before they are made available to the public. Depending on the retailer, customers may also receive an additional discount on their purchase on the day they sign up for this service.

Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way for businesses to reach potential consumers and to grab a would-be customer’s attention. Many businesses offer coupons for Facebook visitors who “Like” the page or if subscribers are willing to “Share” a post or page. Likewise, by signing up for tweets from your favorite retailers, you can be sure to be in the loop for money-saving opportunities.

Penny pinching used to consist of clipping coupons, comparison shopping at countless stores and browsing through thick catalogues. Now, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can save money to your heart’s content while sitting at the kitchen table in your slippers. Happy saving!

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