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It is an obvious fact that Social Networking has totally spiced up the way we use internet and it has very much altered our approach towards the digital life. Photo sharing has also been revolutionized with the inclusion of photo sharing in the digital life domain. These days, it is becoming a common practice and routine for all social networking savvy users to share their photos of various occasions; may it be a party, trip to some exotic location, festivals or even parties with their friends and family. But this process of sharing photos either through email or Social Networking websites like Facebook and Twitter is time consuming.

Photo Rocket is a solution to your all problems and time factor is the primary thing where it comes into play. At present, this application is free of cost and is launched as an Alpha version and users can only subscribe to it through ‘Invite Only’ invitation. The core idea behind Photo Rocket is to design a tool that could make photo sharing a piece of cake. It works pretty simple; users need to select the photos, then select the recipient and then click on the Send Button. You don’t have to worry about resizing the photo and you don’t have to bother about the process of creating albums. It’s a real time saver tool in photo sharing.

Here is a word of caution for all users using it for the first time; Photo Rocket Utility is in its Alpha stage so it does have some crashing issues. Moreover, it is an invite only application and that means you have to request an invite from your friends or family first before being able to use this amazing application. Once you get the invite and you install Photo Rocket application on to your computer, you need to sign up for an account to enjoy all the features.

When you will launch the application first time, it will ask your basic credentials and then it will start running on your computer with a quick launch icon on the System Tray.  After the installation, “Share with Photo Rocket” feature will be added up in your PC’s right-click context menu. You can select as many photos as you want and right click to share the photos. You have to add the emails of the recipients and provide a brief description or caption with each photo and hit the share button. Photo Rocket will carry on all the tasks ranging from resizing, converting to optimal resolution and many more. You can not only add-up Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts, but can also import contacts from Gmail, Outlook Express, Yahoo Mail and Windows Live.

Photo Rocket works well with all sorts of Windows, ranging from XP to Vista and the latest Windows 7. The software can be downloaded from the following link.[Photo Rocket]

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  1. You can organize, find, and view your photos and videos, as well as edit, print, and share them from within Windows Photo Gallery.

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