Plaintiff Sues Apple for Promotion of iPhone 4 Sales by Turning Previous OS Phones into ‘iBricks’


Plaintiff Sues Apple for Promotion of iPhone 4 Sales by Turning Previous OS Phones into ‘iBricks’ Apple has finally got a heavy blow over its iOS 4 marketing strategy. Biana Wofford dragged Apple into the Superior Court of California on a lawsuit. The plaintiff complained that Apple faulted its iPhone 3G when launching iOS 4 to increase the sales of iPhone4.

The iOS 4 was launched as an upgrade for iPhone 3G as well as 3GS users. The iOS4 was released just before the release of iPhone 4. However, the hopes of the iPhone 3G users were soon went down with the slow performance and non availability of all the features.

Wofford has put it across in her lawsuit that Apple knew of the fate of iOS 3G phones on introducing the iOS 4 technology. Also, it was not possible to return back to the old OS, once they came to use the upgraded iOS4 with drawbacks. Even after receiving numerous complaints from the 3G users after their upgrading to the iOS4, Apple didn’t allow the downloading and reinstalling of the 3.x OS. The average users have to hack the system to get access to the old OS. The plaint also brought out that the hacking deprived them of the warranties and violated the user contractual clause. The plaintiff believed that this was the Apple’s strategy to make the customers to choose iPhone 4 making the 3G user sets non usable.

It is not known whether the plaintiff consulted any Apple customer care for necessary help before seeking legal help. The Apple is accused of making false promises in ads and  Wofford wanted to get compensation for the damages caused.

At a glance, this is just one of the many iPhone related suits filed in courts. But when considering the performance, it is a major issue of the iOS 4 adaptability. The fact is well known and experienced by many customers. The customers are but forced to wait and watch whether this will get disappeared in the legal black hole. There is a faint possibility of Apple allowing for some technological adaptation to the iOS4 allowing the customers to switch back to the previous technology if they are not satisfied.

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