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SEO has a hat full of surprises, and while some focus on determining whether this is a black or a white hat, others look at the big picture. The big picture is that there are a lot of problems relating to SEO techniques and implementing them into you web content. The formula cannot possibly be simpler: keywords + great content = ranking high in search engine results. If the equation is so simple, why is SEO seemingly an impossible task for many people – or is it seemingly?

What Are the Problems Related to SEO from the Point of View of People Who Are Unskilled with SEO?

When it comes to all the problems people who know nothing about SEO have, it is safe to say that there are many of them. Learning about these techniques is often a real challenge, and this is the biggest problem. If you are not Internet and SEO savvy, you will most likely get confused with all those terms such as meta tags, no-follow backlinks, natural anchor texts, and so forth. Though these are some basic terms relating to SEO, you cannot understand a definition containing these terms if you have never heard about them before. Rather than this, you ought to go step by step, until you learn all the basics, and this can take a lot of time, as well as energy. If you learn the basics of SEO only partially, the problems will continue to arise. You will implement the techniques wrongly, and this will negatively affect your rank in search engine results.

What Are the Problems Related to SEO from the SEO Experts’ Point of View?

On the other hand, SEO experts are not free of stress in this department either. Despite the fact that they reign in this field, they also have their share of problems. In most cases these problems are related to their clients. Namely, there are a lot of people who are not playing by the rules when it comes to implementing SEO techniques into web content. They use black hat techniques that can easily result in particular content being penalized and page containing it banned. As a further result, people who want to hire an SEO expert have a hard time trusting them. They are impatient, and a lack of knowledge on this topic prevents them from letting professionals do their work.

How to Solve These Problems?

Solving all these problems on both sides is necessary if any of the sides wants to be good at what they do. To help both sides develop a trusting relationship, here will be given three rules both sides should respect. A client and a provider need to communicate with each other in a respectful manner, staying honest, professional and realistic at all times. This way an SEO expert will have a chance to prove their expertise, and a client will, in return, get skillfully optimized content ready to hit the first page of Google, but all of this will take time and effort from both sides.

Abhishek is CEO of an SEO agency based in Jaipur. He possess considerable expetise with SEO for NGOs and is also involved with a lot of charitable activaties in his locality.

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