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Prominence of Domain Names and Web Hosting for Your Blog Business


If you have made blogging as your bread and butter, you should be extremely cautious in the way your selections. You might have had a wonderful product or a world class service that you offer through your blog. You may get success also.

You cannot afford to get rewarded after so many years for all your toils that you have made at present. If you wish to make a living through blogging, you should be extremely careful right from the moment you register your domain name.

Selection of a website name

As far as possible the website name should reflect your day-to-day business. If the website name comes under one of the widely used search terms of search engines, you are likely to get maximum benefit out of it.

If your website is displayed on top of the search engine search lists, your website is more likely to be picked by visitors. In this way, you will attract new visitors. Hence, you should select the website name from one of the popular keywords. You can take the help of tools like ‘Market Samurai’ to study the popularity of the keyword that you would like to pick for your website.

You will also be able to find the competition present for the particular keyword. You should also note that website name should be easily be remembered by a majority of online visitors. If visitors are able to remember the name, it is easy for them to suggest others as well.

Selection of a domain name

It has been the common practice to purchase a .com slot for business blog. However, it is not a mandatory to select only .com. you can select any Top level domain like .net, .info, etc.

The only advantage .com carries over other top level domains is that .com has become well established over the years. It’s been in the market from the very inception of the internet. Hence, the majority of people are accustomed to check www.sitename.com by default. In terms of SEO a .com top level domain will not take any advantage than .net or .org or .info, etc.

Your website rank will improve by optimizing the content as per various search engines and by promoting your blog through various online channels. If you are able to deliver quality products and services through your blog, you will create authority in the respective domain.

This authority along-with the powerful backlinks that your site will attract over a period of time, will bring your blog on top of the search engine rankings.

Selection of a web hosting service

  • It is important to host your valuable content on invaluable web hosting service provider. You should rule out the possibility of hosting your site on free hosting services. Free hosting services are not at all advisable for business blogs as your wings are completely cut off if you go for free hosting. You will not have the freedom to extend or enhance your business with free hosting service. It is a great headache to move from free hosting services to a paid hosting service. There is possibility to lose all the SEO juice that you have created over the years.
  • There are a number of paid hosting service providers. You are advised to go through the reviews before you pick one hosting service for your business blog. By going through the reviews, you will be able to understand the technologies that are at your disposal. You will be able to choose ‘value for money’ hosting service. While choosing a hosting service provider, you should not compromise on cost alone.
  • You should be able to get a decent bandwidth on the plan that you would like to subscribe from the web hosting service provider. The blog posts should load fast. You should be able to install the required software and tools. The web hosting service provider should support the CMS that you like to implement in your blog. You should be able to connect through various social networking sites. You should have the ability to create and use the required number of email accounts. The server should be available on round the clock basis with little or no downtime. The server should be well protected from various online attacks. You should have the capability to install the required database and you should have the facility to upgrade your web hosting plan. Excellent customer and technical support is expected from the hosting service provider.


In order to get the most from your blog business, you should be extremely careful enough right from the selection of website name, domain name and then web hosting service provider. You should be able to sail safe through your blogging journey by taking the above precautions.


Jane Sheeba is a freelance author. She also writes for Youlovecoupons where you can get special discounts by subscribing to web hosting plans offered by Midphase coupon and AnHosting Coupon. She writes about blogging and also about relationships.

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