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Although mobile phones have been around for more than 20 years, cell phone spy applications are a relatively recent invention. Beginning with the iPhone back in 2007, smart phones now include applications like Android Spy to secretly monitor and track activities on the phone. And while the technology is relatively new and most parents are hesitant to use cell phone spy software, it can literally help protect children against a wide range of potential threats by:

Locating Your Children

Cutting edge cell phone apps like Android Spy can help parents instantly locate missing or lost children using GPS technology. Some of the lower quality cell phone spy applications won’t track location if the child enters a building but more advanced versions can. Ideally, try to find more advanced cell phone monitoring tools like Android Spy software that includes both Real Time Location Tracking and Location History features.

Weeding Out Bad Influences

Parents are typically the last to find out when their children start hanging out with the “wrong crowd”—until now! Cell phone spy apps helps parents identify everyone their children are communicating with via their mobile phone. More advanced mobile monitoring applications like Nokia or Android Spy also uncover hidden contacts and include features like Reverse Phone Look-Up for even more help in weeding out bad influences.

Documenting Bullying and Other Illegal Activities

With today’s smart phones able to send browse the web and send Emails, texts, IM’s, pictures, videos, and of course phone calls, there are a number of ways for people to threaten or endanger children via cell phones. But with cell phone spy applications, you can document anyone bullying or tempting your children into illegal activities and provide the information to the appropriate authorities.

Just Keep an Eye on Your Child’s Activities and Communications

Smart phones are powerful tools with the ability to connect children to a number of potential and very real threats. From trouble-making friends to bullies and sexual predators, parents need sophisticated mobile monitoring platforms like Android Spy software to keep an eye on all their children’s cell phone activities. Ideally and for maximum protection, look for cell phone spy applications that cannot be detected by the user and include these core surveillance tools:

  • Text and Chat Logging
  • Video and Picture Logging
  • Call Recording
  • Real Time and Historical Location Tracking
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up
  • Spy Mode to Listen Live to Phone Surroundings
  • Contact Details
  • Surround Recording

Cell phone spy apps may be a relatively recent technology but they provide the tools parents need in today’s age to monitor and protect their children. It is best to use cutting edge mobile surveillance applications like iPhone or Android Spy because they include the advanced features necessary to monitor all cell phone activities.

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