Protecting Your Mobile Phone From Life’s Little Mishaps


Ah, at last, a bright shiny, all singing, all dancing new mobile phone.  Whether it’s an iPhone, myPhone, or simply a to die for phone, there’s one thing for certain, it’s just vibration away from getting scratched, dropped and losing its out of the box beauty.  So how to protect the poor fragile half a square inch of plastic that you couldn’t possibly live without?

Water, Water, Everywhere
Water tends to destroy mobile phones fairly quickly.  Things to look out for are swimming pools, baths and showers and (in my case) puddles.  Even quite a small puddle can end your illusion of always-on connectivity, leaving you persona-non-grata on Twitter, all in the time it takes to miss a single tweet.  Phones should not be used while in the bath, particularly if they are on charge.  This can, at best, lead to social isolation or, at worst, to that great social network in the sky.  Keep your phone away from water.

Well that was a Smashing Night Out
We all drop things on occasion and mobile phones are fairly robust.  There’s an element of design common sense built into them these days, as manufacturers realise that producing something so small is likely to result in frequent breakages.  Small drops usually mean nothing worse than the back cover bouncing off, occasionally followed by the battery, but these don’t normally kill the phone.  Bigger mishaps, that have been known to cause devastation and despair, seem to occur rather frequently on a Friday or Saturday nights, just after about eleven pm.  There’s nothing random about this pattern and it’s worth remembering the phrase “Just Say No” (to texting under the influence.)  Or at least do it where there’s a soft landing available.

Have You Seen my Etchings?
Coins and keys in pockets, along with various items commonly found in handbags, will etch-a-sketch all over your lovely new phone.  A mobile phone cover is an essential, low cost item to ensuring that this erosion is avoided and the bright shiny new phone stays that way.  Until you get drunk and drop it in a puddle.

Time; a great healer? 
Time is variously described as a great healer or a great leveller.  It’s also a great obsolete.  Unless you are terminally impervious to changing fashions, there’s nothing you can really do to protect your phone from the fact that it will be out of date in roughly five minutes.  The best approach is to not care what your friends think, whilst also working on the basis that cool and retro doesn’t take half as long to come around as it used.  By the time you’re due an upgrade your old, hopefully undamaged, model will be the coolest classic design going. can offer at least some protection for your mobile phone.  Whether you’re puddle prone or an inveterate etcher, a stylish solution is at hand.

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