Proxy Service is not Just for Consumers


Many people think of proxy service as something that is only relevant for consumers. But in fact, many businesses are using a proxy service for data collection and research that is critical for their business.

Am I getting accurate data?

There are many examples where getting accurate data for your business, is critical. For example when your business is collecting competitive information, product and price information, or monitoring and verifying ads against fraud. Or if you’re collecting info about search engine ranking, copyright infringement, or website performance. In all those cases, some parties may want to block you from collecting such information at scale, and would either try to block you or worse – feed you with fake data and information, so you won’t even know when something went wrong.

What kind of proxy service is relevant?

Most proxy services, are shared proxies or server proxy (a.k.a. data center proxies). They are servers that are used by many other users and they are rather easy to identify. Many websites will detect your request is coming from an IP that is associated with a server, and will block the request or display misleading information. It’s especially easy to identify non-real user’s requests when either the used IPs have the same subnet or the IPs are flagged as belonging to a listed data center.

The solution is to get what is known as Residential IP – proxy service that is using standard home and mobile internet connections,, dramatically improving the chance that you won’t get blocked and that you will get the same data that a real user gets.

In conclusion, any business that cares about its data accuracy should use one of the proxy services out there.

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