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Ordering products online is a challenge. Sometimes the products you order come partially or entirely damaged. The product may look nothing like what is shown on the website (for example, you received the wrong size or color), or maybe your product never reached you at all.

Getting in touch with your online merchant during these situations is extremely important. But the online medium sometimes makes it very hard for buyers to find and connect with their merchants. In these cases, dispute resolution almost becomes impossible.

Or maybe it doesn’t.

Introducing Purchase Guard, state-of-the-art dispute mediation service that helps online buyers place hassle-free complaints against merchants and seek quick, efficient, and mutually-beneficial solutions.

Want to know how it works? Keep reading our complete Purchase Guard review.

Helping you settle your purchase disputes with ease is a dispute resolution platform and service that helps online buyers and e-commerce merchants (of all kinds) to quickly and fairly find mutually beneficial solutions to customers’ purchase-related disputes.

This type of quick, user-friendly dispute mediation service offers immense benefits to buyers. Not only does it prevent the need for countless hours on the phone (or mail) with the merchant’s customer service, but it also ensures that both the buyer and the merchant get a fair hearing to ensure the right solution is provided (i.e., to the satisfaction of both sides, not just one of them). This ensures that there is no miscommunication or ill-will during the dispute resolution process.

Purchase Guard deals mainly with two types of disputes – non-conformity of goods, and non-delivery of goods. They find risk-free, pain-free, and heartache-free ways to quickly identify the reason for the non-conformity or non-delivery of goods. Then they work directly with the merchants to ensure that the buyers are reimbursed either through repayments or product replacements. In other words, they do all the hard work instead of the buyers.

So, how does Purchase Guard work?

  • Purchase Guard is a 100% free dispute resolution platform, and users don’t pay any set-up fee or processing fee to use their services.
  • To utilize their service, buyers need to first set-up their account. You’ll be asked for your name, email ID, telephone number, and password. If you have an invite code, enter it here.
  • Once registered, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Here you can select what type of product you purchased, and the name of your online merchant. The next step is to describe the exact problem you faced and what solution you’re looking for. You can also upload supporting documents at this stage (recommended).
  • Next, the platform’s disputes resolution team connect with the merchant and negotiate for a mutually beneficial solution. They verify the details provided by both the buyer and the merchant to ensure the right and fair resolution is proposed.
  • Once the merchant proposes a solution (after the negotiation process with Purchase Guard’s representatives is finished), you are intimated on the platform. If you accept the proposal, Purchase Guard undertakes all background checks and follow-ups to ensure the solution is successfully implemented.

Benefits of using Purchase Guard

Purchase Guard eliminates the burden of dispute resolution at the online buyer’s end by taking end-to-end responsibility for dispute mediation. They conduct comprehensive checks to ensure that the buyer’s experience, peace-of-mind, and comfort aren’t compromised. They ensure that both sides reach consensus, and a solid solution is implemented to help the buyer.

But maybe the most significant benefit of Purchase Guard is how they do all this without affecting the credit rating of the buyer.

By approaching a bank or card issuer to help initiate a refund, buyers allow merchants to initiate chargebacks. This can affect the buyer’s credit rating if things don’t go in their favor. But with a third-party service like Purchase Guard, the need for a bank or card issuer intervention is eliminated, ensuring your rating remains stable.

Why should merchants partner with Purchase Guard?

Just as chargebacks affect the credit rating of customers, unjustified chargebacks and contentions can ruin the reputation of merchants. Without a trained team of dispute managers by their side, many merchants may feel flummoxed about how to handle customer complaints. This can lead to a loss of business and a negative reputation.

Partnering with Purchase Guard can provide a qualified mediation layer between merchants and shoppers, and can help online merchants manage their customer interactions with care.

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