Reasons Why Oracle Remote DBA Experts Recommend Oracle


Oracle offers a broad spectrum of products including business applications, business intelligence, Virtual Box etc. However, Oracle’s primary expertise lies in database products. Oracle database boasts a host of features which provide top database security, highest levels of performance for database, excellent administration of database etc.  Most database experts prefer and recommend Oracle as the best database available today in the market. Though the market today is flooded with DB2, SQL Server, Ingress and many such databases, Oracle is regarded as the most useful and efficient database today. Here are some of the interesting reasons why database administration experts consider Oracle to be much superior to its contemporaries.

Reasons Why Oracle Remote DBA Experts Recommend Oracle


Oracle is known for its reasonable pricing. Oracle Remote DBA experts recommend Oracle over other database systems as Oracle provides several benefits at highly affordable rates. Unlike other databases such as IBM, Oracle never charges consulting fees. Despite these reasonable prices, there are still some organizations that go about generating a replica or a poor substitute for Oracle software as they find Oracle to be quite expensive for their organization.

However, they must understand that imitating a particular software and thereafter, maintaining it could prove to be more costly, as far as, their business is concerned. It is a wise move to buy the actual Oracle database system. Generating new database software, having all the essential characteristics of Oracle, would be involving developing; managing, testing and documenting that could be more costly in the long run. Today numerous business owners are gradually shifting to Oracle database from DB2 and Sybase etc. thanks to Oracle’s cost-effectiveness.

Various Index Types

Many databases have a single index type only. In comparison to that, you would be finding numerous index types on Oracle. For example, DB2 boasts of just one index type that is known to automatically join indexes when the execution is taking place. This, however, is a tedious and time-consuming process because, on each occasion, the user seems to have a query, the database is required to index data. However, it is not so in oracle as it has multiple index types so they enable a prompt and hassle-free query process.

Efficient Data Delivery

Oracle provides perfect data in response to queries from end users. Oracle is used to recreating majority of the data before actually presenting the data to the user. Sometimes databases provide quick answers but the end users may not be looking for those answers. Oracle would be taking some time but come up with effective and correct data.

Hosted Model

Businesses could be hosting several thousand people thanks to Oracle. It is pointless to allow only a few people to use any database. Oracle would be charging a fee from the user communities for running the database for several end users. Oracle is renowned for providing effective services to the immensely vast user base. Oracle is used to hiring efficient Oracle remote DBA experts for managing and monitoring their client base. Oracle is known to provide recovery, backup, high efficiency and data management. This is pretty beneficial to the small business owners as well. They could be recovering their data in the event of a data crash.

Enhanced Functionality

Oracle provides competent functionality to all its users. Some business organizations believe that if millions of rows could be scanned at a lightning speed, it would indicate the database’s efficiency level. However, bitmapped indexes, querying and loading simultaneously and rewriting query are undeniably some of the most vital features of an efficient database. It is well-known to all of you that Oracle offers you all these key features and attributes.


Remote DBA experts are recommending Oracle to all their clients because of the above-discussed reasons. They insist that with Oracle their clients would no longer require worrying regarding any loss of important data. Oracle boasts of a number of advanced technologies that would be assisting organizations to run their business more efficiently. Some companies raise the issue of complexity in Oracle administration. However, database administration experts believe that complexity is actually the byproduct of flexibility and strength.


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